Talks in Manchester (Autumn 2017-Spring 2018)

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Dissident Reality has thoughtfully compiled a list of recommendations for some upcoming lectures and talks in Manchester over the next few months. Speakers include leading scientists, psychedelic researchers, ex-policeman and ex-convicts, so why not stretch your mental muscle and chance one or two?!

Most of the lectures are held on weekday evenings in bars, clubs and other comfortable venues around the city, so you can relax with a drink or two while you learn more about a wealth of topics, including neuroscience, monogamy, drugs, immigration, the latest in psychedelic research, drug legislation, criminology and North Korea.


Evening Discussion & Talks in Manchester:


22/11/17 – Jonathan Tait Harris – ‘The Secret Life of Police Informants’ – Info

28/11/17 – Rob Ralphs – ‘Has Spice Taken Over Our Streets?’ – Info

30/11/17 – Andrew Bernstein – ‘Open Immigration – Right or Wrong?’ – Info



03/12/17 – Jihyun Park & Michael Glendinning – ‘Inside North Korea’ – Info

10/12/17 – Shaun Attwood – ‘Pablo Escobar – The Real Story’ – Info

06/12/17 – David Nutt – ‘On Decriminalising All Drugs’ – Info

12/12/17 – Neil Woods – ’14 Years Infiltrating UK Drugs Gangs’ – Info

17/12/17 – Shaun Attwood – ‘Surviving The USA’s Deadliest Jail’ – Info

18/12/17 – Gabija Toleikyte – ‘Neuroscience of Productivity’ – Info



07/01/18 – David Luke – ‘The Science of Psychedelics’ – Info

14/01/18 – Denise Baden – ‘The Real Fidel Castro: Dictator or Hero?’ – Info


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