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SharetheSeeds – Join us!

Originally started by members of the DMT Nexus boards, SharetheSeeds is an incredible website, existing “not only to collect, share, and preserve plants and seeds of ethnological significance; but also the wisdom, folklore, customs, and cosmologies associated with these organisms”.

Seeking to further our collective understanding of plants and their role in the human experience, the forum and its members place a special emphasis on encouraging the sustainable cultivation of medicinal species; the so-called ‘healer’ and ‘teacher’ plants. Consequently, full members of SharetheSeeds (being promoted once they’ve demonstrated a genuine interest in the subject) are able to access the Giveaways, Trades and Requests forum boards. These boards are a real treasure-trove for any horticulturalist, enabling the non-profit global exchange of rare and sought-after species including Acacias, Psychotrias, Mimosas and Trichocereus and Lophophora cacti.

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In our experience, SharetheSeeds members have all been courteous, knowledgeably informative, generous and friendly, so if you’ve an interest in the plant world, why not drop by the community and stay awhile?

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