‘Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia’ (2011-present)

'Hamilton's Pharmacopeia' series

‘Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia’ (2011-present)

We’ve been enjoying Vice’s excellent TV documentary series ‘Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia’ since its inception in 2011 and – with the recent premiering of the second season of the show – we figured it was about time we highlighted it on Dissident Reality…

Following chemist and writer Hamilton Morris (son of Oscar-winning documentary-maker Errol Morris) as he travels the world exploring the history, chemistry and cultures of various (mostly) entheogenic and visionary substances, the two seasons so far produced have covered various aspects of Trichocereus and Lophophora cacti, Psilocybin and Amanita mushrooms, ketamine, DMT, Kratom, toads, psychedelic toads and fish, PCP and more.

‘Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia’ is an incredibly welcome addition to modern television, being particularly enjoyable as Hamilton not only partakes of the substances surveyed himself but also delves deep into the psychedelic underground, gaining access to places rarely seen on camera (A commercial Psilocybe mushroom grow! A small-scale home MDMA lab! Bulk DMT extraction!), as well as speaking with fascinating characters such as retired LSD chemist Casey Hardison and retired 2Cx and MDMA chemist Darrell Lemaire. Definitely a good investment of your time, whether you’re a hardcore psychonaut or merely an armchair ethnobotanist.