Funzing – Cool Things To Do

Funzing - Cool things to do in London, Manchester & the UK

Dissident Reality is totally loving Funzing – a website facilitating all sorts of fascinating talks and lectures, workshops and classes, tours, experiences, food events and more around the UK.

Most of the events are held on weekday evenings in bars, clubs and other intimate and comfortable city venues, so you can relax with a drink while you learn more about a vast array of subjects. Topics include the latest in psychedelic research, neuroscience, immigration, drug legislation, criminology and political dictators, presented by speakers drawn from worlds such as medicine, science, law enforcement and war crimes investigation … what’s not to like?!

If you possess knowledge of an interesting subject or a useful skill and want to become a Funzing host, you can also create your own experience to find an audience who share your interest.

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