Drokz & Akira – ‘Live at Dominator Festival 2015’

Drokz & Akira at Dominator Festival (Holland)

Need more gabber in your sorry little life? You could do worse than check out this wicked hardcore mix from Drokz and Akira, recorded live in the Chinatown Cruelty arena at the 2015 Dominator Festival in Holland.

Running at one and a half hours long and with a track list including legends such as Akira, Angerfist, Coffeecore, Detest, DJ Skinhead, Dolphin, Dr Peacock, Drokz, Goetia, Hellfish, Igneon System, I:gor, Khaoz Engine, Lenny Dee & Delta 9, Nasenbluten, Nosferatu and The Destroyer, this one’s an utter banger!