David Nickles – ‘Kitchen Chemists & Capitalism’

This month we want to recommend a well-thought out talk by David Nickles (a moderator for the DMT-Nexus community and editor of its groundbreaking journal ‘The Nexian’) – ‘Kitchen Chemists & Capitalism’ – recorded live at the 2015 Visionary Convergence conference in Los Angeles.

Delivering a rather thought-provoking presentation, Nickles covers the commodification of plant-based psychedelics such as Ayahuasca and Iboga, commonly-held fallacies and memes in the psychedelic community (e.g. “extraction of alkaloids is disrespectful to the plants”), entheogenic gurus and more. Offering some refreshing and insightful perspectives, Nickles brings some much appreciated clarity to a traditionally more cosmic hippy area of underground culture.