Breaking Convention video archive

Breaking Convention psychedelic conference logoAs we’re sure many of you already know, Breaking Convention is a multi-disciplinary “International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness” held in the UK.

The organisation’s Vimeo and YouTube pages offer a wealth of videos of presentations covering the whole gamut of entheogenic culture, from historical overviews to discussions of cutting-edge research from around the world.

The talks are offered freely and are drawn from the Breaking Convention conferences, London’s long-running Ecology, Cosmos & Consciousness salon and the University of Kent, Canterbury, Psychedelic Society too. With an archive of more than two hundred and fifty videos, there truly is something here for everyone at all interested in any aspect of psychedelic culture!


Here are a few of our favourites:

Andy Roberts – ‘Bring What You Expect to Find – Psychedelics & Free Festivals’

Andy Roberts – ‘The Man Who Turned on the World’

Charlotte Walsh – ‘Plant Psychedelics in the English Courts – Legal Uncertainty & ‘Dog Law’’

Jolane Abrams – ‘Think Before You Drink (Ayahuasca)’

Simon G Powell – ‘The Prohibition of Psychedelic Mushrooms – A Tale of Parliamentary Fear & Loathing’

Tharcila Chaves – ‘Ketamine for Depression – A Pill for All Pains’