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Arkham's Botanical - Ethnobotanical seed supplierThis month we thought we’d let you know about a rather good UK-based source of ethnobotanical seeds and plants, Arkham’s Botanical.

Billing themselves as a specialist “one-stop” source for ornamental, exotic and ethnobotanical plant species, the site offers over a hundred different species of rare and desirable genera such as Acacia, Desmanthus, Ipomoea, Lophophora, Phalaris, Salvia and Trichocereus. We’re particularly pleased that Arkham’s Botanical are making an effort to provide hitherto hard to obtain (in the UK and EU at least) Trichocereus hybrids from around the world, including many varieties of the famous ‘San Pedro’, ‘Bolivian Torch’ and ‘Peruvian Torch’ cacti – our personal favourites!

All our dealings with the company so far have been speedy and courteous and the seed we’ve obtained from them so far has proved to be nice and viable, which is why we thought they deserved a plug here at Dissident Reality. If you’re into growing these sought-after plants, you could do worse than check out this wonderful resource – mention our site when ordering and you’re sure to bag a few extra freebies too, so what are you waiting for…

Check out Arkham’s Botanical here


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