How to make Salvia Divinorum extract

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Salvia Divinorum - 'Diviner's Sage' - 'Ska Maria Pastora'For those hardy souls with an affinity for the awesome power that is yerba de Maria, here’s a few simple Salvia Divinorum extraction techniques. 🙂 Your mileage may vary. We get our Salvia divinorum cuttings from Arkham’s Botanical.

Salvia Extract: Recipe One

You will need –
100g Salvia Divinorum powdered leaf
1000ml acetone – Do not use anything made of plastic, or the acetone will melt it!
Two 1.5 litre jars with lids
One oven dish
One strainer / Coffee filters (just in case)

  1. Using the mixer, breakdown the Salvia. Decide on your desired concentration – for 5x = 20g, 10x = 10g, 15x = 6.5g, 20x = 5g – setting aside your chosen amount for use later (in step 6).
  2. Place the remaining leaves into one of the jars, and then half fill jar A with acetone.
  3. Let jar A sit somewhere well-ventilated for two days – shake the jar on the first day to encourage the solution, but leave it alone on the second – by which time the plant material should have sunk to the bottom.
  4. Drain the acetone into jar B, and then repeat steps 3 and 4 – twice, if you wish to be thorough.
  5. Fill the oven dish with the acetone, allowing it to sit somewhere well-ventilated until approximately half has evaporated.
  6. Spread the leaves saved from step 1 in the oven dish, mixing well to soak in the acetone.
  7. Spread the blend out in an even layer, let the remaining acetone evaporate totally, and there you have it, highly potent, do it yourself, Salvia Divinorum extract!

Salvia Extract: Recipe Two

You will need –
Salvia Divinorum powdered leaf
99% isopropanol
Two jars with lids
One large bowl
One strainer / Coffee filters (just in case)

  1. Extract powdered Salvia leaf three times with 99% isopropanol, for 5-10 minutes each time.
  2. Remove all of the leaf from the isopropanol, and then evaporate the isopropanol in a bowl, making sure to do so in a well-ventilated area. The extracted solids will all collect in the bottom.
  3. Once all of the isopropanol is gone (you should not be able to smell the isopropanol by this point), but while the remaining solids are still moist with water, pour on a few tablespoons of water to the extract and mix it in, so as to dissolve what you can of the tannin. Wait for all of the extract solids which are not soluble to fall to the bottom of the container before carefully pouring the brown tannin-filled water off.
  4. Repeat step three until the water no longer takes on any color, and runs fairly clear.
  5. Now, allow the remaining water to evaporate, and then begin washing the extract solids with tiny amounts of isopropanol, allowing it to evaporate between washes. Do this several times.
  6. Washing the extract in this way further refines the extract, and once you are satisfied you have extracted the majority of the active compounds, simply prepare the extract for ingestion via your preferred route. Remember, Salvia is mega potent, so further research prior to attempting any self-experimentation is always wise.

Diagram of the effects of Salvia Divinorum on the brain and body

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