How To Clean The Dreaded Soapbar Hash

How to clean soapbar hash

In case you’re one of those lucky few who were hitherto unaware, ‘Soapbar’ is an ultra-low grade form of hashish, contaminated with a plethora of delightful substances, reportedly including aspirin, barbiturates, bee’s wax, Benzene, boot polish, coffee, dye, faeces, glue, henna, ketamine, milk powder, paraffin wax, petrol, pine resin, plastic, turpentine, and Toluene. Additionally, as a teenager a friend of this author pulled what appeared to be a whole human fingernail out of an eighth! Yum.

Prevalent in the United Kingdom since at least the eighties, it is wise to avoid ingesting Soapbar in any form, even if cleaned, and especially not to take it orally, due to any remaining insoluble poisons. However, we realise that some unfortunate souls must still be smoking somewhere, so if you’re one of those people who insist on buying Soapbar, please give the following (albeit partial) cleaning method a go. Better yet, start investigating horticulture…

The following technique should remove some/all water-soluble contaminants How to clean soapbar hashfrom Soapbar, but will obviously not get rid of any other horrible shite. THC itself is not soluble in water, and, provided the temperature does not get too high, should remain pretty undamaged throughout the process. Your end product will be significantly less material than you started with, however, the exact proportion being highly dependent on the quality of the ‘hash’ being cleaned.

A Simple Method for Washing Soapbar Hash:

  1. Break the Soapbar into smaller pieces to encourage faster dissolution.
  2. Place the Soapbar into a saucepan, adding just enough boiling water to cover it completely.
  3. Stir the solution well, breaking up any lumps or clumps to help all the crap to dissolve. Don’t worry if there’s a rank smell and the water looks manky – this means something is happening! Let it simmer for five-ten minutes, then take it off the heat.
  4. You can now carefully pour the water out through a coffee filter, saving the resultant wet powdered ‘hash’. If you want to be extra dedicated and clean any remaining water-soluble nastiness, you could repeat steps 1-4 at this stage.
  5. Finally, the ‘hash’ must be dried – strain it several times through more coffee filters, then spread it in a fine, even layer on a plate, then setting somewhere to dry (a sunlit window or gentle heat source, such as a fan heater on a low setting, should suffice).

Two methods for compressing the resulting ‘hash’:

  1. Cut off the corner of a plastic carrier bag, leaving approximately two-thirds of the bag attached. Pour all of the powder into the corner of the bag, double it over for strength, and then twist it around until everything is tightly compacted. Prick a few holes in the bag with a needle, and then keep pressing between your fingers until any remaining water is gone.
  2. Place the powder into a wrap of kitchen foil, heat the foil gently, and then squeeze it tightly until cool.

Remember: If you can, don’t bother, don’t buy Soapbar!