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Prolific earnings as of 12 April 2018If you read my previous post here last summer regarding my experiment making money with the Prolific online research platform, you may recall that I’d been paid a grand total of £219.75 in 78 days. Averaging at £2.82 earnings per day – for a few minutes spent answering questions anonymously for various academics and startups – individual studies took me between thirty seconds to ten minutes to complete, with payments ordinarily ranging from 30p to £7.50.

So, time for an update… Currently, I’ve had Prolific pay out a satisfying £656.68 (via PayPal – you can also choose to use Circle) for answering questions, playing games and taking part in thought experiments. I’ve also earned a few pounds from occasional study bonuses and also from the kind folk who signed up using the affiliate link included in my earlier post (thank you!). Moreover, I could conceivably have earned (I’d estimate) £100-£200 more over the past months, but I’ve been away from my computer a lot due to holidays and such.

If the above piques your interest, do spare a moment to read my previous post before registering with Prolific. It contains a full list of all the tips and tricks I’ve been using to maximise my earnings, including my “SUPER MEGA-SPESH-ULTRA-PRO-SELL-YOUR-MOTHER METHOD”!

In conclusion, I’ll simply quote my other post on the subject: “My earnings might not seem a lot, but it’s taken very little time spent actually completing the surveys, has been quite enjoyable and paid for lunch every working day too!”

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