How To Make A Hollow Stash Candle

How to make hollowed out stash candle concealment hidden cache

Today we are going to learn how to craft a simple stash candle, to allow the concealment of various items. While this type of stash is only an entry-level introduction to the inventive and ingenious world of caching, suitable only for small items, it does still have a solid place in the pantheon of concealment.

Furthermore, although this method is admittedly easily detectable by modern x-ray and other techniques, if a plastic inner is used then at least metal detection can be avoided, and, when utilised as one component of a multi-cache strategy, the stash candle can still be most effective.

How To Make A Hollow Stash Candle

You will need –

1 x Candle
1 x Airtight plastic container (to fit inside candle. While still obvious via x-ray, at least using plastic will not set off metal detectors)
1 x Drill
1 x Circular bit (diameter to match circumference of plastic container)
1 x Knife
1 x Lighter
1 x Pan
Clingfilm/Plastic wrap

  1. Using the circular bit, drill into the candle, attempting to do so as deeply as possible, up to the length of the plastic container, without weakening the candle’s outer wall.
  2. Using the knife, whittle the core of the candle out until the container will fit inside snugly. Try to leave as thick an outer wall as possible.
  3. Take the lighter and melt the inside of the candle slightly, running your finger around so as to smooth it for the container’s ingress.
  4. Wrap your chosen item(s) tightly in several layers of clingfilm, so as to protect from moisture and oxidation.
  5. Place the wrapped item(s) into the plastic container. If you intend to access the contents often, you can end here, although anyone picking up the stash candle for inspection will be certain to discover its contents.
  6. If you intend to store the contents for a longer term, or simply desire increased security, take some of the wax excavations, melt in a pan, turn the candle upside down, and pour into the gap left at the base, smoothing it evenly as it hardens.

And there you have it – a simple guide to making a stash candle, without too much fuss! When you wish to retrieve your stash, simply cut out the bottom section of the candle and pull out the container. To replace the stash, simply repeat steps four and five, ad infinitum.

Ideas For Further Stash Candle Security

Once the wax has cooled, and you are satisfied with its appearance, consider shrink wrapping the candle for further discretion.

If you have opted to leave the finished stash candle non-shrinkwrapped, it’s a nice touch to burn the wick down ever so slightly to simulate usage, before placing the candle somewhere inconspicuous.

Place the stash candle as part of a discreet arrangement of identical or similar candles, decreasing the chance of discovery upon casual investigation.

If hiding illegal substances, it is best to put those that are easily detectable by law enforcement inside one stash, with more obscure material concealed elsewhere.

When storing pungent items on a long term basis, additional discretion can be achieved via vacuum-sealing.

Finally, for maximum peace of mind, never hide everything precious to you in one location – this is just asking for it all to be taken!