Freak Show Postcard Gallery

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Here’s a selection of freak show mementos, circus & carnival promo cards & ‘carte de visites’… These are mainly sourced from the American circuit of the mid-1800s to the 1930s, when traveling shows such as the legendary Barnum & Bailey circus proved hugely popular with the prurient public, catering to their appetites for the bizarre & outlandish by displaying all sorts of human mutations…

Gay porn circa 1900

Victorian Porn & Erotica Gallery

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We’ve long been avid fans of vintage & Victorian porn, especially as collectively we often tend to consider some of the sexual practices contained therein to be relatively novel (perhaps having first been exposed to them via Gonzo Internet porn). However – as evidenced by Will Phuq’s short overview of the Victorian sexual scene published earlier on this site – our predecessors were certainly already a kinky bunch when it came to getting down to it, entertaining (& documenting) paraphilias galore…