Freak Show Postcard Gallery

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Here’s a selection of freak show mementos, circus & carnival promo cards & ‘carte de visites’… These are mainly sourced from the American circuit of the mid-1800s to the 1930s, when traveling shows such as the legendary Barnum & Bailey circus proved hugely popular with the prurient public, catering to their appetites for the bizarre & outlandish by displaying all sorts of human mutations…

Arkham's Botanical - Ethnobotanical seed supplier

Arkham’s Botanical – Ethnobotanical seeds

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This month we thought we’d let you know about a rather good UK-based source of ethnobotanical seeds and plants, Arkham’s Botanical. Billing themselves as a specialist “one-stop” source for ornamental, exotic and ethnobotanical plant species, the site offers over a hundred different species of rare and desirable genera such as Acacia, Desmanthus, Ipomoea, Lophophora, Phalaris, Salvia and Trichocereus…

Edward Plunkett (Lord Dunsany)

Lord Dunsany – ‘The Ghosts’ (1908)

Written in 1908, Lord Dunsany’s short story ‘The Ghosts’ was first published in his collection ‘The Sword of Welleran & Other Stories’. The story’s narrator recounts a ghostly encounter one winter night, as he debates the existence of the supernatural while sojourning in a decaying English mansion…

Interview with Oddscene – Visual artist, VJ & animator

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Sonia Vera, aka Oddscene, is a Spanish visual artist, VJ & animator, based in London. Her highly distinctive work has covered live visuals, stop motion & digital animation, installed artworks, portrait prints, film titles, motion graphics & special effects too…

'The Complete Discography of Misinformation' (2018)

‘The Complete Discography of Misinformation’ (2018)

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We’re so into ‘The Complete Discography Of Misinformation’, the latest artzine emanating from Bristol’s wonderful Hell’s Pigeons/ Network 20p collective! This really is a beautifully-crafted DIY zine, comprising 104 pages of all sorts of luxurious art, fiction, rants, photography & more, involving “32 Artists || 18 Writers || 34 Music Acts from Dublin, Pittsburgh, Mexico City & beyond”…