‘Zero Population Growth’ (1972)

'Zero Population Growth'(UK • Michael Campus • 1972)

‘Zero Population Growth’ depicts an overpopulated and smog-drowned future; everything is fucked.

Child-bearing is made illegal for the next 22 years (to experience parenthood you can hang out at Babyland with your spooky artificial child), the only food is coloured liquid, and there are 4 year queues to see exhibitions of laboratory-grown replica flora and fauna (all made extinct in the late-20th century) and artificial lakes. Not to mention whole cities of senior citizens! On the plus(?) side, the practice of polyamory seems to be the norm.

Oliver Reed stars in this fairly stylish obscurity, directed by the man who brought us pimpspoloitation classic ‘The Mack’, and co-written by Max Erllich (who penned another interesting and obscure ‘70s gem, ‘The Reincarnation of Peter Proud’). Check it.