Various – ‘The Plot Thickens 2: The Archetist’

(CD • Anathematica / Coven H • 200?)

As you may have read elsewhere, The Plot Thickens is a travelling exhibition / event, based on a story selected from several entries (this year’s winner was “The Archetist” by Anon). It must be said that this concept is a refreshing one, and so bigups to Anathematica, Hekate, Random Artists and all others involved with this project for all the graft they’ve put in.

However this compilation is not just a worthy companion to the art – overall, this is a thoroughly well put together collection of music and it certainly holds its own in its own right. Genre-wise it ranges wildly but with a definite logic between many varieties of dark atmospherics, bass and beats, but the stand out tracks for me are from Anxt!, Hue Jah Fink?, The Edita, and The Pirate.