Unsound System – ‘TINA’s For Turning’

Unsound System - 'TINA's for Turning' EP review

(Digital • Binary Feedback • 2014)

Binary Feedback’s blurb states “If Unsound System ever had a day job, now would be the time to give it up!” – I, for one, concur most heartily…

This sixth release from Hue Jah Fink?’s excellent digital imprint comprises three versions of ‘TINA’s For Turning’, contributed by veteran stalwarts of the London DIY scene, Unsound System. The track is a deceptively laidback and rolling slice of conscious hip-hop, underpinned by a solid, rich instrumental, and is both a call to arms for the armchair activist and a rallying cry for the dedicated dissidents.

More like this please! Available as pay-what-you-can, via Bandcamp.

It’s an unsound system, it’s fucking you royally,
I’m fuckin out of it, ain’t gonna embroil me,
In bullshit system, Neo Liberal Democracy,
Built on war and modern day slavery,
You’re branded! The free Market,
The words are a mockery,
Oxymoronic, like virtual reality could be…”

See this system, great for greed, man,
Psychopathic just like Thatcher, Reagan, Friedman,
Who was funded by the Nazi Ford Foundation,
Tried and tested in compliant puppet nations…”