Tribazik – ‘Spacetime Collapse’

Tribazik - 'Spacetime Collapse'(12″/Digital • Skyride • 2013)

It should be noted that I’m reviewing the vinyl version of this release here, featuring a longer version of the banging Venetian Snares remix…

Tribazik’s original track is an atmospheric, tripped out, piece of spacey rock, replete with seamless tempo changes, wicked percussion lines, acid synths, growling and accomplished bass, and dubbed up and urgent vocals. Showcasing the group’s diverse influences, their distinctive blend of rave-influenced metal is tight as hell, and impeccably recorded and produced at singer Jerry Kandiah’s Old Street Studios, in London.

Next up, Canada’s rather legendary Venetian Snares reaffirms my belief, ripping the spine out of the original tune and fusing it into a form that’s so wicked it’s probably dangerous, all fractured drumcore, mutated bass, and a sprinkling of magickal faerie dust synth. I must admit to a massive smile forming on my gorgeous face when I first got to play this ultra-phatty through a squat party link-up, hearing my friend’s voice fucked up and quantum entangled in a classic (think ‘Befriend A Child Killer’ and ‘Shitfuckers’-era) ‘Snares track. So good it’s upsetting, and the last section is enough to induce a psychedelic state, without resorting to any other stimulus. Really!

I really do not enjoy ‘London acid techno’ at all, so shall tactfully avoid commenting on Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss’s contribution, beyond that it would sit comfortably at many a London squat party. As a foolish (and utterly munted) young man, I once accidentally ended up at a techno night at London’s Mass club, threw myself across Chris’s lap, told him I hated his music, and gave him some CDs…he was still exceedingly lovely, so much respect to the man!

We round things off with Life4Land’s Ghost, providing a confident and inventive drum and bass-influenced breakcore number, with filter sweeps and gurgles aplenty. The bass is phat and cutting, the FX are nice, and there’s even an old school piano riff.

Bringing together as this record does a solid title track, an interesting choice of remixers, and artwork from the marvellous Enjoy Kaos, I have no hesitation in recommending it, particularly if you thought Venetian Snares was past it. Well done team!

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