‘The Weather Underground’ (2002) – A history of the Weathermen

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(USA • Sam Green/Bill Siegel • 2002)

Pretty interesting documentary on the radical American group the ‘Weathermen’ or ‘Weather Underground Organization’. This leftist “clandestine revolutionary party” called for violent overthrow of the U.S. government, “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and…a classless world: world communism”.

In 1970 they issued a ‘Declaration of a State of War’ against th'The Weather Underground'e United States government, going on to wage a series of bombing attacks against major government targets and banks, and also orchestrating the prison escape of Timothy Leary. After several members were imprisoned, many went underground for a number of years.

If you’ve even a vague interest in history this is well worth a watch, as former Weathermen discuss their transformation from peaceful activists into the FBI’s Most Wanted, mixed with interviews with peers, archival footage, photos and declassified FBI documents. Smash the Mac!


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