The Tuss – ‘Rushup Edge’

The Tuss - 'Rushup Edge'

(CD/Vinyl/Wav Rephlex 2007)

Causing much muttering of another Aphex-conspiracy upon first release (although apparently the work of a Cornish couple, The Tuss), this is an eminently likeable record, possessing as it does some really beautiful composition, combined with some suspiciously familiar-sounding synth and fx goings on to result in a sound something akin to timeless(!) Big props go to the gleefully rueful ‘Last Rushup 10’, the crazily wonky disco of ‘Shiz Ko E’ and the hyper-percussive and darkly optimistic ‘Rushup Bank 12’.

My vote is this is the work of Aphex, whatever, play it real loud!