Temporary Autonomous Art London 2010

The first Temporary Autonomous Art in London for several years was held from the 2nd-5th June, 2010, bringing together some amazing art, film, music, performance, photography and DIY workshops from a variety of individuals and crews.

Held in a disused print shop in Hackney Wick (for those that don’t know, T.A.A. events are held annually in squatted spaces in several UK cities, allowing anyone so inclined to contribute their work or time), the atmosphere throughout was excellent, with faces old and new making their presence felt. Special mention goes to all the crew for making it happen and to some of my favourite peeps for representing – Dybbuk for his trademark hermetic robot paintings; Narinda Minnaar and her wicked flowered, patterned and photo’d mirror wall; Pitchless for their room of occult eyes and interactive visuals; Tom Handbaked for the arcade, Mujinga for his zine library, enjoyKaos for his amazing images; etc…

Temporary Autonomous Art (London, 2010)2010Wednesday:
Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the first day, but I’ve heard there was some quality poetry, presented by The Poets Lounge.

Again, I couldn’t make it but there was spoken word and comedy, as well as film, hosted by The Projection Gallery.

Crazy performances and workshops gave way to a night of ‘DIY punk electronics’. Notable performances included those from Kwerk, Bad Sekta’s Ascetic (featuring a crazy self-built MIDI controller) and Ryan Jordan, the music veering from the sublime to the terrifying and seeming to keep the crowd entertained throughout. Sets from the evening were broadcast live by Ill FM and are available for download via IllFM.net.

Kids stuff and hanging out in the day, bands and visuals at night, featuring some excellent groups like Tribazik and Void, who did their best to tear the place up proper!

Wasn’t there due to playing at Pokora (cheers guys!), but I’d imagine this was mostly spent winding down! Roll on next year!

(More info about T.A.A. events can be found at www.taaexhibitions.org)