Ronin & Spitting Vitriol – ‘One Inch Punch 05’

Ronn and Spitting Vitriol - 'One Inch Punch 05'(12” • One Inch Punch • 2006)

Two well-crafted tracks from these hard working producers, released on a Headfuk sub-label and clad inna nice hand-screened sleeve.

Ronin’s ‘Pissing on the Gates of Hell’ is the aural equivalent of exactly what it says on the tin – toe-tapping gabber kick action and cut up MCs accompanied by cruelly taunting synth stabs and washes of rave doom. The flip side, Spitting Vitriol’s punishingly brutal track ‘$p!tfire’, steps up with a relentlessly kinetic, ridiculously tight sqwat hardcore track, sampling the Jerry Springer Show.