‘Meet the Feebles’ (1989)

'Meet the Feebles' (1992)(NZ • Peter Jackson • 1992)

Made with funds raised towards an aborted first attempt at filming zombie comedy classic ‘Braindead’ (Jackson couldn’t get the money he wanted for that film), ‘Meet the Feebles’ is a slice of pure nihilistic genius that definitely deserves a place in every discerning culture vulture’s collection…

'Meet the Feebles' (1992)‘The Feebles’ is a TV variety show, a la the Muppets but considerably more transgressive behind the scenes – we’ve drug dealing, interspecies fucking, a knife throwing junkie ‘nam vet frog, BDSM cow / cockroach porn, brutal murder, coprophilia, bunny threesomes, the joy of fox sodomy and a naive young hedgehog newly arrived to the city besides…

This is an amazing (and pretty much unique) film – the script is well written, the jokes are good and the puppets are absolutely wicked (Jackson’s special effects company later provided groundbreaking FX
for his ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy). Basically, if you don’t see this movie as soon as you can then you’re doomed to spend the rest of your life locked in a tiny room with me, is all I’m saying.

'Meet the Feebles' (1992)Oh yeah, if you buy this, while the DVD may view like a bootleg from a thirty year old panned and scanned video cassette dubbed by retarded machine elves, the film’s original aspect ratio is actually 4:3.