‘Liquid Sky’ (1982)

Liquid Sky(Director: Slava Tsukerman • 1982)

A delightfully bonkers slice of early ‘80s Noo Yawk artpunkscifi, well deserving of its cult status, although unfortunately also a big influence on the irritating 2000s electro clash fad. To sum up briefly, bisexual junkie androgyne models and club kids frequent a New Wave nightclub, bicker over smack, pose and generally faff about. Meanwhile, a tiny alien spaceship lands on the roof of the apartment shared by the female leads… Cue a series of bizarre killings, alien orgasmic rapture, awkwardly stylised dialogue, etc.

An interesting bit of No/New Wave filmmaking that sits nicely as a companion to the Cinema of Transgression, Mondo New York, et al, Liquid Sky was the most successful independent of 1983, grossing $1.7 million in the first few months of release. Russian Tsukerman (a successful director of TV movies and documentaries) also co-wrote the crazy Fairlight CMI score, and dual lead Anne Carlisle later wrote a 1987 novelisation of the movie too. Multimedia innit.