Dave Stitch – ‘Rave New World’

(FLAC/MP3 • Bad Sekta • 2009)

“…written whilst living in a bus around the North Circular in 2005/06 (although a couple of tracks date back to a squat we had on Victoria Park road in 2003).”

Dave Stitch - 'Rave New World'

The ‘Rave New World’ album was originally intended for a CD release on Bad Sekta a few years ago, before the usual cashflow problems prevailed.

Thankfully Dave has now decided to put it out as a free download (both as 320kbps MP3 on Bad Sekta and as FLAC via torrent); I suggest you grab it while you can!

14 wicked slices of broody, mutating bass, phat as hell breaks, lush atmospherics, gorgeous melodies, processed samples and general sonic debauchery. Checked by John Peel’s son too, don’t’cha know…

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