Datsik, Excision and Flux Pavilion – ‘The Boom EP’

(MP3 • Rottun • 2009)

Rising names in the global dubstep circus, Excision and Datsik team up for two tracks here, ‘Boom’ and ‘Calypso’.

The first, deceptively laidback and spacious, features the duo’s usual array of ‘Transformers’ snips, THAT robot bass noise and ethnic flutes, topped off by a Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince sample; the second incorporates yet more robot noises with a sick bassline and some crisp vocal stabs and FX trickery, and is the best suited to the dancefloor of the two.

Datsik, Excision, and Flux Pavilion - 'The Boom EP'On the flip, Datsik joins forces with Flux Pavilion, providing the wickedly shuffle-tastic and funkily bass-heavy ‘Game Over’ (my favourite track of the release) and rounding things off with ‘Crunch’, a rather cheeky number with a swing in its step, rude as fuk bass patterns and the obligatory East End Gangster sample.

All three artists are definitely names to watch, though a little more stylistic variation between releases would be welcome.