‘Blue Sunshine’ (1977)

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'Blue Sunshine'(Dir: Jeff Lieberman • 1976 • USA)

Now here’s a glistening jewel from my forgotten youth! People start to complain of headaches, lose their hair and gurn about in a generally strange fashion, one geezer at a party going so far as to freak out (rather stylishly) like a demented bird. They soon turn psychotic and the fun begins with some random killing and then some self-extermination. All good so far! Things then slow down for some “plot development” featuring our lead, Zalman King (later a producer of some classic / shitty TV grot movies).

After a bit of crime scene investigation, King gets into some kind of hippy-guru-doctors office, finding some generic “psychedelic” pictures, including a portrait of a dodgy political candidate labelled “Blue Sunshine”. I liked the paedophilic Uncle Sam / Richard Branson composite better, but then there’s no accounting for taste…. He then finds Mr. Politician, who claims no knowledge of picture or label.

Cue: Stanford University alumni back story (spoiler!) and more staring eyed baldies going bezerk. Could the madness be related to a batch of chromosome-altering LSD taken years ago? Quite probably. Worth a watch? Definitely; a fun, stupid film for your perusal, which also pleasantly surprised me with nice Gamelan-type muzak, of all things…


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