Blackmass Plastics – ‘The Innocent Bystander EP’

(MP3 • Bad Sekta • 2011)

*Disclaimer: My label released this*

Three extremely breaktastic, hard hitting and bass-driven slices of Mr. Thorn Industries’ impeccably produced trademark sound. Blackmass Plastics - 'The Innocent Bystander EP'Blackmass Plastics always delivers the goods for me, and I personally consider this EP as amongst his best (it’s a free download too).

Each track exhibits a sort of retro-futurist quality, concentrating their energies on smashing through the dance floor, whilst exhorting you to shake yer obligatory thang along the way… My favourite track? ‘T-Rex Powerdrill’, heavyweight production, nice dark bass and tight beats. Wicked.

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