Autechre – ‘Anti EP’

Autechre - 'Anti EP'
(CD / Vinyl – Warp)

1994: The Criminal Justice Act loomed near and Warp Records was still an interesting label, releasing this wicked EP from the consistently innovative Autechre. Pissed off by the ridiculously draconian CJB, they produced the track ‘Flutter’, in their own words “…programmed in such a way that no bars contain identical beats and can therefore be played under the proposed new law…”

The track itself is surprisingly calm, flowing along nicely (especially considering the necessity for constant variation inherent in such a project). The other two tracks, “Lost” and “Djarum” are classic “repetitive” ae of the period. All in all, this is a wicked record (and all profits were donated to civil liberties charity Liberty too).