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Current and Past Contributors

Blobby Davros | Author Archive

Scottish-Nepalese writer, lecturer, and psychonaut, keenly spreading ‘forbidden’ knowledge that she believes should not be lost to the public record.


General DK | Author Archive

Co-founder of the legendary Gabber Force London, currently resident in Thailand, but trotting the globe as personal drug counsellor to a certain famous reprobate. General DK is a truly individual individual, and the world is a richer place because of his existence.


Will Phuq | Author Archive

Specialist in Munkeljuck, Schpamenfrugen, and Flippy-Pip, currently learning to yodel, while teaching himself Quantum Physics, yet still finding the time to continually yearn for his lost childhood hat; not forgetting that time he donated money to an attractive ‘chugger’ without even being asked to…


Archive Material | Author Archive

Denotes material republished for historical purposes, e.g. communiques, manifestos, and Public Domain texts.


Dissident Reality Admin | Dissident Reality Admin

Short but informative posts and recommendations from the Dissident Reality team.