Freak Show Postcard Gallery

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Here’s a selection of freak show mementos, circus & carnival promo cards & ‘carte de visites’… These are mainly sourced from the American circuit of the mid-1800s to the 1930s, when traveling shows such as the legendary Barnum & Bailey circus proved hugely popular with the prurient public, catering to their appetites for the bizarre & outlandish by displaying all sorts of human mutations…

Arkham's Botanical - Ethnobotanical seed supplier

Arkham’s Botanical – Ethnobotanical seeds

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This month we thought we’d let you know about a rather good UK-based source of ethnobotanical seeds and plants, Arkham’s Botanical. Billing themselves as a specialist “one-stop” source for ornamental, exotic and ethnobotanical plant species, the site offers over a hundred different species of rare and desirable genera such as Acacia, Desmanthus, Ipomoea, Lophophora, Phalaris, Salvia and Trichocereus…

5-MeO-DMT packaging

Books About 5-MeO-DMT

A close relative of DMT & bufotenin (5-HO-DMT), 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine) is an entheogenic tryptamine found in nature in a wide variety of plant species, as well as in the famous Sonoran Desert toad. First synthesised in 1936, this intriguing substance was later isolated from naturally-occurring material in 1959, as a component of the psychoactive Anadenanthera peregrina seeds (used in several traditional snuff decoctions). Apart from traditional Amazonian use…

Share the Seeds


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Originally started by members of the DMT Nexus boards, SharetheSeeds is an incredible website, existing “not only to collect, share & preserve plants & seeds of ethnological significance; but also the wisdom, folklore, customs & cosmologies associated with these organisms”. Seeking to further our collective understanding of plants & their role in the human experience, the forum & its members place a special emphasis on encouraging the sustainable cultivation of medicinal species; the so-called ‘healer’ & ‘teacher’ plants…

Eight Free Tools for Cleaning Up Media Files

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If, like us, you’re constantly running out of hard-drive space – having managed to amass a large collection of digital media over the years – this post is for you! Windows-using filesharing-fiends, dedicated researchers & hoarders may find this list useful in helping to free up space & in managing libraries of audio, image, text & video…

Drokz & Akira at Dominator Festival (Holland)

Drokz & Akira – ‘Live at Dominator Festival 2015’

Need more gabber in your sorry little life? You could do worse than check out this wicked hardcore mix from Drokz & Akira, recorded live in the Chinatown Cruelty arena at the 2015 Dominator Festival in Holland. Running at one & a half hours long & with a track list including legends such as Akira, Angerfist, Coffeecore, Detest, DJ Skinhead, Dolphin, Dr Peacock, Drokz, Goetia, Hellfish, Igneon System, I:gor, Khaoz Engine, Lenny Dee & Delta 9…