Western Drugs Slang – C-D

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Drugs: Cocaine bales

Drugs Slang – C-D

The second instalment of our mammoth list of Western drugs slang past and present.

C C & M – cocaine and morphine
C – cocaine
C joint – place where cocaine is sold
C-dust – cocaine
C-game – cocaine
C.S. – marijuana
Caballo – heroin
Cabello – cocaine
Caca – heroin
Cacti Joint – a joint of dried and ground up peyote
Cactus – mescaline
Cactus buttons – mescaline
Cactus head – mescaline
Cad/Cadillac – 1 ounce
Cadillac – PCP
Cadillac express – methcathinone
Cafeteria use – use of various drugs simultaneously, particularly sedatives or hypnotics
Caine – cocaine; crack
Cakes – round discs of crack
California cornflakes – cocaine
California sunrise – ecstasy
California sunshine – LSD
Cam trip – high-potency marijuana
Cambodian red/Cam red – marijuana from Cambodia
Came – cocaine
Camel – LSD
Can – marijuana; 1 ounce
Canadian black – marijuana
Canamo – marijuana
Canappa – marijuana
Cancelled stick – marijuana cigarette
Candy – amphetamines, barbiturates or cocaine
Candy C – cocaine
Candy flip – 1 hit xtc per three hit(s) LSD
Candy flipping – combining LSD with MDMA
Candyman – drug supplier
Cannabinol – PCP
Cannabis tea – marijuana
Candles – LSD
Canned – to be arrested
Cannon – huge joint
Canoe – when a joint gets a hole in the side or looks like a canoe.
Cap – crack; LSD; capsule
Cap up – transfer bulk form drugs to capsules
Capital H – heroin
Caplets – amphetamine
Caps – crack, heroin; psilocybin/psilocin
Caramello – cannabis resin
Carburetor – crack stem attachment
Carga – heroin
Carmabis – marijuana
Carne – heroin
Carnie – cocaine
Carpet patrol – crack smokers searching the floor for crack
Carrie – cocaine
Carrie Nation – cocaine
Carrier – person who hold the drugs / money for a gang dealing at a rave
Carrying – in possession of drugs
Cartucho – package of marijuana cigarettes
Cartwheels – amphetamine
Cashed – bowl is finished/empty
Casper the ghost – crack
Cat – methcathinone
Cat valium – ketamine
Catch up – to withdraw from drugs
Catnip – marijuana cigarette
Catt – heroin
Cattle rustler – person who steals steaks and other meat from the supermarkets to trade for drugs at half value
Caviar – crack
Cavite all star – marijuana
CDT – community drug team
Cecil – cocaine
Cereal – marijuana (being smoked in a bowl)
Cess – marijuana
Cest – marijuana
Cha – cocaine
Chalk – crack; methamphetamine; amphetamine
Chalked up – under the influence of cocaine
Chalking – chemically altering the color of cocaine so it looks white
Chamber – pipe used for marijuana
Champ – a drug user who will not reveal his source
Champagne – combination of cocaine and marijuana
Chandoo/chandu – opium
Channel – vein into which a drug is injected
Channel swimmer – one who injects heroin
Charas – marijuana from India
Charge – marijuana
Charged up – under the influence of drugs
Charley – heroin
Charlie – cocaine
Charlie coke/ Charlie girl – cocaine
Chase – to smoke cocaine; to smoke marijuana; to smoke heroin
Chaser – compulsive crack user
Chasing/Chasing the dragon/Chasing the tiger – crack and heroin
Chaze – to christen a new bowl or pipe
Cheap basing – crack
Check – personal supply of drugs
Cheeba – marijuana
Cheeo – marijuana
Cheer – LSD
Cherry top – LSD
Cheese – heroin; a strain of skunk
Chemical – crack
Chera – hashish
Cherry – MethGammaHydroxybutyrate (GHB); the burning tip of a spliff or cigarette
Chestbonz – the one who takes the biggest bong hit
Chewies – blunt with powdered cocaine inside; crack; Tuinal
Chi – heroin
Chiba – high potency marijuana from Columbia
Chicago black/Chicago green – marijuana
Chicken feed – methamphetamine
Chicken powder – amphetamine
Chicken scratch – searching on hands and knees for crack
Chickers – Ecstasy
Chicle – heroin
Chief – LSD; mescaline
Chieva – heroin
Chill out – take a break from dancing to cool down
Chillie Willies – snorting vodka or gin out of a bottle cap
Chillum – pipe used to smoke hashish or weed
China – opium
China cat – high-potency heroin
China girl – fentanyl
China town – fentanyl
China White – fentanyl
Chinese dragons – LSD
Chinese-eyed – when the eyes become slanted from the influence of marijuana
Chinese H – heroin
Chinese molasses – opium
Chinese red – heroin
Chinese tobacco – opium
Ching bag – street quantity of heroin in a wrap
Chip – heroin
Chipper – occasional heroin user
Chippie – marijuana
Chipping – using drugs occasionally
Chippy – cocaine
Chips – tobacco or marijuana cigarettes laced with PCP
Chira – marijuana
Chitari – cannabis
Chiva/Chive – heroin
Chocolate – opium; amphetamine; hashish
Chocolate chip cookies – MDMA combined with heroin or methadone
Chocolate chips – LSD; MDMA
Chocolate ecstasy/ Chocolate rocket – crack made brown by adding chocolate milk powder during processing
Chocolate rock – crack smoked together with heroin
Chocolate Thi – marijuana
Choe – cocaine
Choker – large or powerful hit of crack cocaine
Cholly – cocaine
Chorals – depressant
Chris – methylamphetamine
Christine/ Christina – amphetamine; crystal methamphetamine
Christmas rolls – depressant
Christmas tree – marijuana; depressants; amphetamines
Christy – methylamphetamine
Chronic – marijuana; strong weed; marijuana mixed with crack
Chucks – hunger following withdrawal from heroin
Chunks – large broken pieces of crack cocaine
Chunky – marijuana
Church – LSD paper with cross on it
Churus – marijuana
Crystal methadrine – amphetamine
Cid/ Sid – LSD
Cigarette paper – packet of heroin
Cigarrode cristal – PCP
Circles – rohypnol
Cities – ecstasy (white and blues)
Citrol – high potency marijuana, from Nepal
Clarity – MDMA
Clean – to be off drugs
Clear up – stop drug use
Clicker – crack and PCP; marijuana dipped in formaldehyde and smoked
Clickums – marijuana cigarette laced with PCP
Cliffhanger – PCP
Climax – crack; isobutyl nitrite; heroin
Climb – marijuana cigarette
Clips – rows of vials heat-sealed together
Clocker – entry level crack dealers who sell drugs 24 hours a day
Clocking paper – profits from selling drugs
Closet baser – user of crack who prefers anonymity
Cloud – crack; a hit from an ice pipe; a method of smoking cannabis
Cloud nine – crack
Cluck – crack smoker
Co-pilot – amphetamine
Coasting – under the influence of drugs
Coasts to coasts – amphetamine
Coca – cocaine
Cocaine blues – depression after extended cocaine use
Cochornis – marijuana
Cocktail – cigarette laced with cocaine or crack; partially smoked marijuana cigarette inserted in regular cigarette
Coco rocks – dark brown crack made by adding chocolate pudding during production
Coco snow – benzocaine used as cutting agent for crack
Cocoa puff – to smoke cocaine and marijuana
Coconut – cocaine
Cod – large amount of money
Coffee – LSD
Coke – cocaine; crack
Coke bar – bar where cocaine is openly used
Coked up – under influence of cocaine
Cokie – cocaine addict
Cola – cocaine
Cold turkey – sudden withdrawal from drugs
Coli – marijuana
Coliflor tostao – marijuana
Colorado – cocaine
Colorado cocktail – marijuana
Columbian – marijuana
Columbo – PCP
Columbus black – marijuana
Come down – withdrawal effects
Come home – end a “trip” from LSD
Comeback – benzocaine and mannitol used to adulterate cocaine for conversion to crack
Coming up – the initial rush after taking a drug
Conductor – LSD
Connect – to purchase drugs; a supplier of illegal drugs
Connection – drug supplier
Contact lens – LSD
Cook – mix heroin with water; heating heroin to prepare it for injection
Cook a pill – prepare opium for smoking
Cook down – process in which users liquify heroin in order to inhale it
Cooker – person who manufactures methamphetamine; to inject a drug
Cookies – crack
Cooking up – to process powdered cocaine into crack
Cool – someone who uses drugs
Cool smoke – smoking ice
Cooler – cigarette laced with a drug
Coolie – cigarette laced with cocaine
Cop – obtain drugs
Copping zones – specific areas where buyers can purchase drugs
Coral – depressant
Coriander seeds – cash
Corine/ Corrinne – cocaine
Cork the air – to inhale cocaine
Corn-stalker – marijuana cigarette rolled in the shuck of a corn cob sealed with honey
Cosa – marijuana
Cotics – heroin; narcotics
Coties – codeine
Cotton – currency
Cotton brothers – cocaine, heroin and morphine
Courage pills – heroin; depressants
Course note – bill larger than $2
Cowie – ecstasy
Cozmo’s – PCP
Crack – cocaine prepared for smoking
Crack attack – craving for crack
Crack back – crack and marijuana
Crack cooler – crack soaked in wine cooler
Crack gallery – place where crack is bought and sold
Crackhead – someone who does crack cocaine
Crack kits – glass pipe and copper mesh
Crack spot – area where people can purchase crack
Crack Star – someone who does crack cocaine
Crack Weed – marijuana laced with crack
Cracker jacks – crack smokers
Crackers – LSD
Crank – methamphetamine; amphetamine; methcathinone
Cranking up – to inject a drug
Crankster – person who uses or manufactures methamphetamine
Crap/Crop – low quality heroin
Crash – sleep off effects of drugs
Crazy coke – PCP
Crazy Eddie – PCP
Crazy weed – marijuana
Credit card – crack stem
Creeperbud – marijuana that creeps up on you
Crib – crack
Crill – a joint laced with cocaine
Crimmie – cigarette laced with crack
Crink – methamphetamine
Crip – meth
Cripple – marijuana cigarette
Cris – methamphetamine
Crisco – crystal methamphetamine
Criss-crossing – the practice of setting up a line of cocaine next to a line of heroin. The user places a straw in each nostril and snorts about half a line each. Then the straws are crossed and the remaining lines are snorted.
Crisscross – amphetamine
Crissy – crystal meth
Cristina – methamphetamine
Cristy – smokable methamphetamine
Croak – crack and methamphetamine
Croaker – doctor
Croaker joint – hospital
Cross tops – amphetamine
Crosses – amphetamine
Crossles – methamphetamine
Crossroads – amphetamine
Crown crap – heroin
Crumbs – tiny pieces of crack
Crumbsnatcher – a junkie who steals tiny pieces of crack
Crunch & Munch – crack
Crusty treats – cocaine
Cruz – opium from Veracruz, Mexico
Crying weed – marijuana
Cryppie – marijuana
Crypt – nitrite inhalant
Crypto – methamphetamine
Crystal – methamphetamine; PCP; amphetamine; cocaine; methedrine
Crystal joint – PCP
Crystal meth – methamphetamine
Crystal methedrine – amphetamine
Crystal pop – cocaine and PCP
Crystal T – PCP
Crystal tea – LSD
Cube – 1 ounce; LSD; cube of morphine
Cubes – marijuana tablets; crack
Culican – high-potency marijuana from Mexico
Cupcakes – LSD
Cura – heroin
Cushion – vein into which a drug is injected
Cut/ Cutting – to adulterate drugs to inflate profits
Cut-deck – heroin mixed with powdered milk
Cycline – PCP
Cyclones – PCP

D.L. spot – safe place to buy and use drugs
Dabble – use drugs occasionally
Daddy – marijuana joint
Dagga – marijuana
Dama blanca – cocaine
Dance drug – MDA; MDEA; MDMA; occasionally ketamine or mixtures such as ephedrine and LSD
Dance fever – fentanyl
Dank – marijuana; the practice of lacing marijuana cigarettes with Formaldehyde
Date rape drug – Rohypnol; GBH/GHB; ketamine
Dawamesk – marijuana
DDU – drug dependency unit
Detox – withdraw from drugs
Dead on arrival – heroin
Dealer – supplier of drugs
Debs – amphetamine; MDMA
Deca-duabolin – injectable steroid
Decadence – MDMA
Deck – 1 to 15 grams of heroin; a packet of drugs
Decocsins – methamphetamine
Decogtion – methamphetamine
Deeda – LSD
Delatestryl – injectable steroid
Demo – crack stem; a sample-size quantity of crack
Demolish – crack
Dennis/ Dennis the Menace – ecstasy
Dental Floss – LSD
Dep-testosterone – injectable steroid
Dependence – Addiction
Designer drugs – drugs produced solely for abuse
DET – dimethyltryptamine
Detroit pink – PCP
Deuce – $2 worth of drugs; heroin
Devil drug – crack
Devil’s dandruff – crack; cocaine
Devil’s dick – crack pipe
Devil’s dust – PCP
Devilsmoke – crack
Dew – marijuana
Dews – $10 worth of drugs
Dex/ Dexy/ Dexies – dexedrine
DF118 – dihydrocodeine or diamorphine hydrochloride
DF’S – dihydrocodeine
Diablito – combination of crack cocaine and marijuana
Diablo – LSD paper with a devil on it
Diambista – marijuana
Diamonds – amphetamine/ MDMA
Dianabol – veterinary steroid
Dibble – police
DIC – disseminated intravascular coagulation (caused by overheating associated with ecstasy)
Dice – crack cocaine
Diconal – Dipipanone Hydrochloride
Diesel – heroin
Diet pills – amphetamine
Diffs – Dihydrocodeine
Diggidy – good herb
Digie – refers to scales used to weigh drugs
Dihydrolone – injectable steroid
Dike/ Dikies – diconal or dipipanone hydrochloride
Dimba – marijuana from West Africa
Dime – 1/16 ounce of marijuana; $10 worth of crack
Dime bag – $10 worth of drugs
Dime special – crack cocaine
Dime’s worth – amount of heroin to cause death
Ding – marijuana
Dinkie dow – marijuana
Dinkies – dihydrocodeine
Dinosaurs – populations of heroin users in their forties or fifties; LSD
Dip – crack
Dipper – PCP
Dipping out – crack runners taking a portion of crack from vials
Dirge – PCP
Dirt – heroin
Dirt grass/ Dirty – inferior-quality marijuana
Dirty basing – crack
Dirty joints – combination of crack cocaine and marijuana
Dirty money – money from drugs or crime
Disco biscuits – ecstasy
Disco pellets – stimulants
Disease – drug of choice
Ditch/ Ditch weed – marijuana of inferior quality; Mexican weed
Divider – sharing a joint with someone
Dizz – marijuana
Djamba – marijuana
Do a joint – to smoke marijuana
Do a line – to inhale a line of powdered drugs
Do it Jack – PCP
DOA – crack; heroin; PCP
Doctor – MDMA
Doctor Feelgood heroin
Dog food – heroin
Dogie – heroin
Doing lines – inhaling fumes off heroin burnt on silver foil; snorting drugs
Doja – strong marijuana
Dollar – $100 worth of drugs
Dollies – methadone
Dolls – amphetamines; depressants; MDMA; Methadone
Dolphins – ecstasy
Domes – LSD
Domestic – locally grown marijuana
Domex – PCP and MDMA
Dominoes – amphetamine
Don jem – marijuana
Dona Juana/ Dona Juanita – marijuana
Done – caught and punished
Donk – marijuana and PCP combination
Doob/ Doobee/ Doobie/ Dubbe/ Duby – marijuana
Doogie/ Doojee/ Dugie – heroin
Dooley – heroin
Door – a kilo of drugs
Dope – heroin; marijuana; any other drug
Dope fiend – crack or marijuana addict
Dope smoke – to smoke marijuana
Dopium – opium
Doradilla – marijuana
Dors and 4’s – combination of Doriden and Tylenol
Dose or Doses – LSD; to give an unsuspecting person a dose of LSD
Dots – LSD; mescaline
Doub – $20 rock of crack
Double-breasted – dealing cocaine and heroin together
Double bubble – cocaine
Double cross – amphetamine
Double dome – LSD
Double dreads – amphetamine and LSD
Double rock – crack diluted with procaine
Double trouble – depressants; Tuinal
Double up – when a crack dealer delivers an extra rock as a marketing ploy
Double ups – a $20 rock that can be broken into two $20 rocks
Double yoke – crack
Double zero – a type of hashish
Dove – $35 piece of crack
Dover’s powder/ Dover’s deck – opium
Doves – ecstasy
Down – codeine cough syrup
Downers – depressants; barbiturates; diazepam
Downie – a depressant
Downtown – heroin
Dr. Frankenstein (or ‘Franky’ for short) – person who sells prescription drugs
Drag weed – marijuana
Dragon – heroin
Dragon rock – a mixture of heroin and crack
Draw – cannabis; to smoke
Draw up – to inject a drug
Dream – cocaine
Dream gum – opium
Dream stick – opium
Dreamer – morphine
Dreams – opium
Dreck – heroin
Drink – PCP
Dripper – eye-dropper
Drivers – amphetamine; MDMA
Dro – strong weed
Drop – take LSD
Dropped – arrested
Dropper – someone who injects a drug
Drought – shortage in supply of drugs
Drowsy high – depressant
Drug Deal – the exchange of money for drugs
Dry high – marijuana
Dry up – to inject drugs
DS – drug squad
DT – heroin
Dub – $20 dollar’s worth; when a crack dealer delivers an extra rock as a marketing ploy
Dub Sack – $20 worth of cannabis
Duct – cocaine
Due – residue of oils trapped in a pipe after smoking base
Dugout – pipe used for marijuana
Duji – heroin
Dummy – poor quality drugs
Dummy dust – PCP
Dump – to vomit after taking drugs
Durabolin – injectable steroid
Durog/ Duros – marijuana
Dust – heroin; cocaine; PCP; marijuana mixed with various chemicals
Dust blunt – marijuana and PCP in combination
Dust joint – PCP
Dust of angels – PCP
Dusted – high on PCP
Dusted parsley – PCP
Dusting – adding PCP, heroin, or another drug to marijuana
Dykes – dihydrocodeine
Dymethzine – injectable steroid
Dynamite – crystallized MDMA; heroin and cocaine; a mix of cocaine and morphine
Dynamiter – cocaine addict
Dyno – heroin
Dyno-pure – heroin

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