Western Drug Slang – Q-R

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Drug Slang Q-R

This month we reach the section of our exhaustive Drug Slang A-Z that covers words beginning with the letters Q and R…


Drug Slang

Q Q – depressants
Q.P. – quarter pound of marijuana
Qat – methcathinone
Quads/ Quas – depressants
Quarter/ Quarter bag – 1/4 ounce or $25 worth of drugs
Quarter moon – hashish
Quarter piece – 1/4 ounce
Quartz – smokable speed
Queen Ann’s lace – marijuana
Quicksilver – isobutyl nitrite
Quill – methamphetamine; heroin; cocaine; folded matchbox cover used for snorting
Quinolone – injectable steroid



R2 – Rohypnol
Racehorse Charlie – cocaine; heroin
Ragweed – inferior-quality marijuana; heroin
Rail – large dose of crystal meth; a line (of drugs)
Railroad weed – marijuana
Rainbow – LSD
Rainbows – barbiturates; Tuinals; depressants
Rainy day woman – marijuana
Ram – nitrite inhalants
Rambo – heroin
Rane – cocaine; heroin
Rangood – marijuana grown wild
Rap – criminally charged; to talk with someone
Raspberry – female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Rasta weed – marijuana
Rat – a snitch
Rattle – withdrawal symptoms
Rave energy – MDMA
Raver – person who attends raves
Raw – crack
Raw fusion – heroin
Raw hide – heroin
Razed – under the influence of drugs
R.B./ Resin bud – marijuana
Reader – prescription
Ready rock – cocaine; crack; heroin
Recompress – change the shape of cocaine flakes to resemble “rock”
Recycle – LSD
Red – under the influence of drugs
Red & blues – depressants; Tuinals; barbiturates
Red & whites – ecstasy
Red birds – Seconal; barbiturates
Red bud – marijuana
Red bullets – depressants
Red caps – crack
Red chicken – heroin
Red cross – marijuana
Red devil – barbiturates; depressants; PCP; Seconal
Red dirt – marijuana
Red eagle – heroin
Red lips – LSD
Red phosphorus – smokable speed
Red rock – heroin
Red Russian – ecstasy
Redneck cocaine – methamphetamine
Reds – depressants; Seconal
Reefer – marijuana; a spliff
Register – to allow blood to flow back into needle just prior to injecting heroin
Regular P – crack
Reindeer dust – heroin
Resin – cannabis
Rest in peace – crack cocaine
Reynolds – Rohypnol
Rhine – heroin
Rhubarb & custard – ecstasy
Rhythm – amphetamine
Rib – Rohypnol
Riding the train – using cocaine
Riding the wave – under the influence of drugs
Rig – equipment used to inject drugs
Righteous bush – marijuana
Ringer – good hit of crack
Rip – crack; marijuana
Ripped – under the influence of drugs
Ripped off – sold poor quality or expensive drugs
Rippers – amphetamine
Rites – Ritalin
Ritual spirit – MDMA
Roach – butt of marijuana cigarette
Roach clip – holds partially smoked marijuana cigarette
Roaches – rohypnol
Road dope – amphetamine
Roapies – Rohypnol
Roasting – smoking marijuana
Robin’s egg – a stimulant
Robo-ing – drinking Robotussin cough syrup (contains codeine)
Robutal – Rohypnol
Roca – crack
Rochas dos – Rohypnol
Roche – Rophynol
Rock attack – crack
Rock crank – methylamphetamine
Rock hard – alkyl nitrites
Rock house – place where crack is sold and smoked
Rock star – female who trades sex for crack or money to buy crack
Rock(s) – cocaine; crack
Rocket caps – dome-shaped caps on crack vials
Rocket fuel – PCP
Rockets – marijuana cigarette
Rockette – female who uses crack
Rocks – small pure crystals of cocaine or heroin
Rocks of hell – crack
Rocky – cannabis resin
Rocky III – crack
‘Roid rage – aggressive behavior caused by excessive steroid use
Rojo – barbiturates
Rolexes – ecstasy
Roll – MDMA
Roller – to inject a drug; somebody who uses MDMA
Rollers – police
Rolling – MDMA
Roof gardne – growing cannabis (not necessarily on a roof)
Roofies – Rohypnol
Rook – a novice drug-user
Rooster – crack
Root – marijuana
Rope – marijuana
Rophies/ Rophys/ Ropies/ Roples/ Ruffies/ Ruffles – Rohypnol
Rosa/ Roses – amphetamine
Rose marie – marijuana
Rough stuff – marijuana
Row-shay – Rohypnol
Rox/ Roz – crack
Roxanne – cocaine; crack
Royal blues – LSD
Royal Temple Ball – cannabis resin mixed with LSD then rolled in to a ball
Royalty – cocaine
Rugby balls/ Ruggers – Temazepam capsules
Rumble – a police search or inquiry
Rumbled – to be found out
Run – repeated use of amphetamine
Runners – people who sell drugs for others
Running – MDMA
Rupture – PCP
Rush – cocaine; the euphoric effect caused by drug; isobutyl nitrite
Rush snappers – isobutyl nitrite
Russian sickles – ecstacy; LSD


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