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Western Drug Slang

Yet another addition to our massive dictionary of Western drug slang! This month sees us reach the milestone that is drug slang starting with the letters O and P…


Drug Slang O-P

O O – an ounce; opium
O.J. – marijuana
O.P. – opium
O.P.P. – PCP
Oboy – marijuana
Octane – PCP laced with gasoline
OD – overdose
Off your face – high on drugs
Ogoy – heroin
Oil – cannabis; heroin; PCP
Old Steve – heroin
Olja – cannabis
On a mission – searching for drugs
On a trip – under the influence of hallucinogenic drugs
On ice – in prison
On the bricks – walking the streets; released from prison
On the nod – under the influence of narcotics or depressants
One – cannabis oil
One and one – to inhale cocaine
One box tissue – one ounce of crack
One hitter quitter -very strong marijuana
One of each – a deal of heroin and crack cocaine when purchased simultaneously
One on one house – a place where cocaine and heroin can be purchased
One plus one sales – selling cocaine and heroin together
One way – LSD
One-fifty-one – crack
Onion – 1oz of crack
Oolies – marijuana cigarettes laced with crack
Ope – opium
Opiods – a non-opiate narcotic drug
Optical illusions – LSD
Orange barrels – LSD
Orange crystal – PCP
Orange cubes – LSD
Orange haze – LSD
Orange line – heroin
Orange micro – LSD
Orange Sunshine – a famous brand of sixties acid
Orange wedges – LSD
Oranges – amphetamines; dexedrine tablets
Orbit – ecstasy
Oregano – hash
Oscar – an ounce deal
Outer-limits – crack and LSD
Outfit – drug addict’s equipment or paraphernalia; heroin
Over and under – a combination of a stimulant and depressant drug
Owl – marijuana
Owsley – LSD
Owsley’s acid – LSD
Oyster stew – obscure drug slang for cocaine
OZ – inhalant; an ounce
Ozone – PCP; a PCP and crack cigarette; marijuana
Ozzie – ounce of marijuana


P P – peyote, PCP
P-dogs – a combination of crack and marijuana
P-dope – 20-30% pure heroin
P-funk – crack mixed with PCP; heroin
P.R. (Panama Red) – marijuana
Pack – heroin; marijuana
Pack-a-bowl – marijuana
Pack of rocks – marijuana cigarette
Pakalolo – marijuana
Paki (Black) – cannabis (resin)
Palf – dextromoramide
Panama cut/ Panama Gold/ Panama Red – marijuana from Panama
Panatella – a large marijuana cigarette
Pancakes and syrup – a combination of glutethimide and codeine cough syrup
Pane – LSD
Pangonadalot – heroin
Panic – a shortage of drugs
Paper – a unit for dosing heroin; a prescription
Paper acid – LSD
Paper bag – container for drugs
Paper blunts – marijuana within a paper casing rather than a tobacco leaf casing
Paper boy – heroin peddler
Paper mushrooms – LSD
Paps – rolling papers
Parachute – crack and PCP smoked together; heroin
Parachute – heroin
Paradise/ Paradise white – cocaine
Parlay – crack
Parsley – marijuana, PCP
Pass – to transfer drugs or drug money
Pasta/ Paste – coca paste; crack
Pat – marijuana
Patico – crack
Paz – PCP
Peace – LSD; PCP
Peace pill – PCP
Peace tablets – LSD
Peace weed – PCP
Peaches – amphetamines
Peanut butter – a type of methamphetamine that is brown in color; PCP mixed with peanut butter
Peanuts – barbiturates; depressants
Pearl – cocaine
Pearls – amyl nitrite
Pearly gates – LSD; morning glory seeds
Pebbles – crack
Peddlar/ Peddler – a seller of drugs
Pee Wee – crack; $5 worth of crack
Peep – PCP
Peeper – MDMA user
Peg – heroin
Pellets – LSD
Pen yan – opium
Pep pills – amphetamine; caffeine; stimulants
Pepsi habit – occasional use of drugs
Percy – small amount of drugs for personal use
Perfect High – heroin
Perico – cocaine
Perlas – street dealer (heroin)
Permafried – high all the time
Perp – fake crack made of candle wax and baking soda
Peruvian/ Peruvian flake/ Peruvian lady – cocaine
Peter – a hypnotic
Peter Pan – PCP
Peth – depressants; pethidine
Peyote – mescaline
Pharming – consuming a mixture of prescription substances
Phennies/ Phenos – depressants; phenobarbitone
Phyamps – methadone
Pianoing – using the fingers to find lost crack
Pid – possession with intent to distribute
Piece – 1 ounce; cocaine; crack; a container for drugs
Piedras – crack (Spanish)
Pig Killer – PCP
Piggybacking – simultaneous injection of 2 drugs
Pikachu – pills containing PCP and ecstasy
Piles – crack
Pillhead – amphetamine user; ecstacy user
Pimp – cocaine
Pimp your pipe – lending or renting your crack pipe
Pin – marijuana
Pin gon/ Pin yen – opium
Pine – marijuana
Ping-in-wing – to inject a drug
Pingus – rohypnol
Pink blotters – LSD
Pink hearts – amphetamine
Pink ladies – depressants; barbiturates
Pink Panther/ Pink robots – LSD
Pink studs – ecstasy
Pink wedge – LSD
Pink witches – LSD
Pinks – dipipanone hydrochloride; seconal
Pinned – constricted pupils after taking heroin
Pinner – small joint of marijuana
Pipe – crack pipe; marijuana pipe; vein into which a drug is injected; mix drugs with other substances
Pipero – crack user
Pit – PCP
Pitzu – impure morphine base
Pixies – amphetamine
Piznacle – marijuana pipe
Pizza – marijuana or LSD
Pizza toppings – psilocybin/ psilocin mushrooms
Plant – hiding place for drugs
Plassie – a part-time raver
Plod – derogatory term for police officer
Pocket rocket – amphetamine; marijuana
Pod – marijuana
Point – a hypodermic needle
Pointing Hood – to shoot up heroin
Poison – heroin; fentanyl
Poke – marijuana; to smoke marijuana
Pole/ Polo – mixture of heroin and a motion sickness drug
Pollutants – amphetamines; MDMA
Polo – a ring of powdered drugs around the nostril, most often ketamine
Polvo – heroin; PCP
Polvo blanco – cocaine
Polvo de angel/ Polvo de estrellas – PCP
Pony – crack
Pony crack – cocaine
Poof – smoking ice
Pool Hall – a mid-level wholesale crackhouse selling “mostly eightballs and larger”
Poor man’s pot – inhalant
Poor man’s cocaine – methylamphetamine
Pop – an inhalant; to inhale cocaine; to inject drugs
Poppers – isobutyl nitrite; amyl nitrite
Popping pills – swallowing tablets or capsules
Poppy – heroin
Posh – cocaine
Pot – marijuana
Potato – LSD
Potato chips – crack cut with benzocaine
Pothead – someone who smokes pot (marijuana)
Potlikker – marijuana
Potten bush – marijuana
Powder – cocaine; heroin; amphetamine
Powder diamonds – cocaine
Power puller – rubber piece attached to crack stem
Pox – opium
Predator – drug slang for heroin
Pregnant – when a joint has a lump in the middle
Prescription – marijuana cigarette
Press – cocaine; crack
Pretendica/ Pretendo – marijuana
Prime-time – crack
Primo – crack; marijuana mixed with crack
Primos – cigarettes laced with cocaine and heroin
Product – crack
Prudential – crack user
Pseudocaine – phenylpropanolamine, an adulterant for cutting crack
Puff/ Puff the dragon – to smoke weed
Puffer – crack smoker
Puffy – PCP
Pulborn – heroin
Pull a will – vomiting from too much drug use
Pullers – crack users who pull at parts of their bodies excessively
Pulver – amphetamine
Pumping – selling crack
Puppy piles – people making sensual contact – usually on MDMA
Pure – good quality or high purity drugs; heroin
Pure love – LSD
Purple – ketamine
Purple barrels/ Purple flats/ Purple haze – LSD
Purple hearts – LSD; amphetamines; barbiturates; depressants
Purple ozoline – LSD
Purple rain – drug slang for PCP
Push – to sell drugs
Push shorts – to cheat or sell short amounts
Pusher – one who sells drugs; metal hanger or umbrella rod used to scrape residue in crack stems
Pussy juice – alcohol and metronidazole


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