Western Drug Slang – K-L

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Drug Slang A-Z - Ketamine letter k

Western Drug Slang – K-L

Oh my days, we’re nearly halfway through our behemoth compilation of Western drug slang!

This month we cover weird and wonderful drug slang beginning with the letters K and L – let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed out – we’re aiming to make this as comprehensive a list as possible, after all.


Drug Slang

K K – Ketamine; PCP
K-blast – PCP
K-hole – periods of ketamine-induced confusion
Kabayo – heroin
Kabuki – a crack pipe made from a plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Kajees – cannabis
Kaksonjae – smokable methamphetamine
Kalakit – marijuana
Kali – marijuana
Kaleidoscope – a type of LSD
Kangaroo – crack
Kansas grass – marijuana
Kaps – PCP
Karachi – heroin
Kate bush – marijuana
Kaya – marijuana
KB – potent marijuana
Kee – marijuana
Keesh – a fat bag of weed
Keller – ketamine
Kelly’s day – ketamine
Kentucky blue – marijuana
Keister plant – to hide drugs in the rectum
Ket – ketamine
Key – marijuana
Keyed – high on drugs
KGB (killer green bud) – marijuana
Khat – amphetamine; methcathinone
Ki – marijuana
Kibbles & Bits – small crumbs of crack
Kick – effect of a drug (particularly a stimulant); getting off a drug habit; inhalant
Kick stick – marijuana cigarette
Kicked – to pass out or about to pass out
Kiddie coke – methylphneidate HC1
Kiddie dope – prescription drugs
Kief/ Kif/ Kiff – cannabis
Killer – marijuana; PCP
Killer joints – PCP
Killer weed – (1960s) marijuana; (1980s) marijuana & PCP
Kilter – marijuana
Kind – marijuana
Kind bud – marijuana
King – cocaine
King bud – marijuana
King ivory – Fentanyl
King Kong pills – depressants
King Tut – LSD
King’s habit – cocaine
Kissing – the exchange of plastic wrapped rocks of crack or other drugs via kissing or mouth to mouth transfer
Kit – diamorphine hydrochloride; a drug addict’s equipment or paraphernalia; equipment used to inject drugs
Kit Kat – ketamine
Kleenex – MDMA
Klingons – crack addicts
Knockout – sedative
Knuckle Samich – a large cannabis joint
Kokomo – crack
Koller joints – PCP
Kona Gold – strong marijuana grown on the Big Island in Hawaii
Kools – PCP
Kram – to tightly pack the bowl of a pipe
Krippies – moist marijuana to be smoked out of a bowl or bong
Kryptonite – crack
Krystal – PCP
Krystal joint – PCP
Kumba – marijuana
Kushempeng – marijuana
Kutchie – marijuana


L.A. – long-acting amphetamine
L.A. glass – smokable methamphetamine
L.A. ice – smokable methamphetamine
L.L. – marijuana
La Bamba – heroin
La Rocha – Rohypnol
Lace – a mix of cocaine and marijuana
Lady – cocaine; glassware for smoking cocaine
Lady caine – cocaine
Lady line muser – cocaine
Lady snow – cocaine
Lakbay diva – marijuana
Lamborghini – a crack pipe made from plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Las mujercitas – psilocybin mushrooms
Lason sa daga – LSD
Late night – cocaine
Laugh and scratch – to inject a drug
Laughing gas – nitrous oxide
Laughing grass/ Laughing weed – marijuana
Lay back – depressant
Lay-on – to supply drugs for a deferred payment
Lay-out – equipment for taking drugs
LBJ – heroin; LSD; PCP
Leaf – marijuana; cocaine
Leak – a combination of marijuana & PCP
Leaky bolla – PCP
Leaky leak – PCP
Lean – codeine-containing cough syrup
Leapers – amphetamine
Leaping – to be under the influence of drugs
Leary’s – LSD
Lebanese/ Lebanese Gold – cannabis resin
Legal speed – over the counter asthma drug; trade name = Minithin
Lemon – poor-quality drugs
Lemon 714 – PCP
Lemon drop – methamphetamine with a dull yellow tint
Lemonade – heroin; poor quality drugs
Lemons – methaqualone
Lenllo – joint
Lenos – PCP
Lens – LSD
Lethal weapon – PCP
Letter biscuits – MDMA
Lettuce – money
Lib – Librium, chlordiazepoxide, a benzodiazepine
Liberties/ Liberty caps – a species of psilocybin-containng magic mushrooms
Lick a rock/ Lick a stick – crack cocaine
Lid – one ounce of marijuana
Lid proppers – amphetamine
Lido – crack
Life Saver – heroin
Light – cocaine
Light stuff – marijuana
Light white – cocaine
Lightning – amphetamine
Lightning flash – LSD
Lima – marijuana
Lime acid – LSD
Line – cocaine; amphetamine
Linga – methamphetamine
Lip poppers – amphetamine
Lipton Tea – inferior-quality drugs
Liquid E/ Liquid ecstasy/ Liquid X – GHB
Liquid Gold/ Liquid Incense – nitrite inhalants
Liquid lady – cocaine that is dissolved in water for ingestion via nasal spray
Lit up – under the influence of drugs
Little bomb – amphetamine; heroin; depressant
Little bowl of buddha – 10 gram bowl of marijuana buds or hash
Little Green Friends – marijuana
Little ones – PCP
Little smoke – marijuana; psilocybin mushrooms
Live ones – PCP
Llesca – marijuana
Load – 25 bags of heroin
Loaded – high on drugs
Loads – heroin
Loaf – marijuana
Lobo – marijuana
Locker room – isobutyl nitrite
Loco – marijuana
Locoweed – marijuana
Log – PCP; marijuana cigarette
Logor – LSD
Loony toons – LSD
Loppy dust – cocaine
Louis – sixteenth (1/16th)
Loused – covered by sores and abscesses from repeated use of unsterile needles
Love – crack
Love affair – cocaine
Love boat – marijuana dipped in formaldehyde; PCP
Love doctor – MDMA
Love doves – Ecstacy
Love drug – MDMA; depressant
Love leaf – a combination of marijuana & PCP
Love nuggets – marijuana
Love pearls – alpha-ethyltyptamine
Love pills – alpha-ethyltyptamine; hallucinogens
Love potion #9 – MDMA
Love trip – MDMA; mescaline
Love weed – marijuana
Lovelies – marijuana laced with PCP
Lovely – PCP
Lover’s speed – MDMA
Loz – one ounce of cannabis
Lubage – marijuana
Lucky Charmz – ecstacy
Lucy in the sky with diamonds – LSD
Ludes – methaqualone
Luding out – taking Quaaludes
Lunch head – an alcoholic
Lunch money drugs – Rohypnol
Lunchbox – kids that do drugs
Luvdup – feeling loving and loveable


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