Western Drug Slang – I-J

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Western Drug Slang – I-J

We continue our series compiling Western drug slang past and present – this month covering drug culture-related words beginning with I and J…


Drug Slang

I I am back – crack
Iboga – amphetamine
Ice – cocaine; crack, methamphetamine; smokeable amphetamine; MDMA; PCP
Ice-cream habit – occasional use of drugs
Ice cube – crack
Icing – cocaine
Idiot pills – barbiturates; depressants
Ill – PCP
Illies – cigarettes dipped in PCP; marijuana dipped in PCP
Illy – marijuana cigarettes soaked in embalming fluid and dried
Illy momo – PCP
In – connected with drug suppliers
Inbetweens – depressant; amphetamine
Inca message – cocaine
Incense – opium
Indian boy – marijuana
Indian hay – marijuana from India
Indo – marijuana
Indonesian bud – marijuana; opium
Infinity – LSD that lasts for a long period of time
Instaga/ Instagu – marijuana
Instant zen – LSD
Interplanetary mission – travel from one crackhouse to another in search of crack
Isda – heroin
Issues – crack
IZM – marijuana


J J – marijuana joint
Jab/ job – to inject a drug
Jack – a heroin tablet; to steal someone else’s drugs
Jack up/ Jacking up – to inject a drug
Jackpot – fentanyl
Jag – keep a high going
Jam – amphetamine; cocaine
Jam cecil – amphetamine
Jamaican – cannabis
Jamaican gold – marijuana
Jamaican Red – potent marijuana from Jamaica
Jane – marijuana
Jar – to inject drugs
Jay – marijuana cigarette
Jay smoke – marijuana
Jee gee – heroin
Jefferson Airplane – a used match cut in half to hold a partially smoked marijuana joint
Jellies – Temazepam capsules; depressants
Jelly – cocaine
Jelly baby – amphetamine
Jelly bean – amphetamine; depressant
Jelly beans – crack
Jerry Springer – heroin
Jesus Christ acid – especially potent LSD
Jet – ketamine
Jet fuel – methamphetamine; PCP
Jib – gammahydroxybutyrate
Jim Jones – marijuana laced with cocaine and PCP
Jimmy – the foil used when smoking heroin (rhyming slang, from “Jimmy Boyle > foil”)
Jive – heroin; marijuana; drugs
Jive doojee – heroin
Jive stick – marijuana
Joc – nitrite inhalant
Joey – a person employed to sell drugs at street-level
Johnny go fast – speed
Johnson – crack
Joint – marijuana cigarette
Jojee – heroin
Joker’s smile – extremely high on crack
Jolly bean – amphetamine
Jolly green – marijuana
Jolly pop – casual user of heroin
Jolt – to inject a drug; a strong reaction to drugs
Jones – heroin
Jonesing – a need for drugs
Joy/ Joy flakes – heroin
Joy juice – depressants
Joy plant – opium
Joy pop – to inject a drug
Joy popping – occasional use of drugs
Joy powder – heroin; cocaine
Joy smoke – marijuana
Joy stick – marijuana cigarette
Joyride – going out and getting high
Ju-ju – marijuana cigarette
Juan Valdez – marijuana
Juanita – marijuana
Jugged – to be arrested
Juggle – to support a habit by selling drugs to another addict
Juggler – teen-aged street dealer
Jugs – amphetamine
Juice – steroids; PCP
Juice joint – a marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack
Juja – marijuana
Jum – a sealed plastic bag containing crack
Jumbos – large vials of crack sold on the streets
Junco – heroin
Junk – cocaine; heroin
Junker – a heroin addict
Junkie – a drug addict, generally referring to a heroin user
Junkie kits – glass pipe and copper mesh


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