Western Drug Slang – G-H

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We keep on trucking with our Western drug slang lexicon – this month we’re covering G to H and we’ll just dive on in…

Drug Slang

G G – $1000; 1g of drugs; gammahydroxybutyrate;
G-riffic – gammahydroxybutyrate
G-rock – one gram of rock cocaine
G-shot – small dose of drugs used to hold off withdrawal until a full dose is available
G-spot tornado – equal parts rum & Nyquil
G.B. – depressant
Gaffel – fake cocaine
Gaffus – hypodermic needle
Gage/gauge – marijuana
Gagers/gaggers – methcathinone
Gaggler – methcathinone; amphetamine; MDMA
Gak – methamphetamine; cocaine
Galloping horse – heroin
Gallup – heroin
Gamot – heroin
Ganga/ganja – Jamaican word for cannabis
Gange/ganj – marijuana
Gangster – marijuana
Gangster pills – depressant
Gank – fake crack
Gar – marijuana rolled in cigar paper
Garbage – inferior-quality drugs
Garbage heads – users who buy crack from street dealers instead of cooking it themselves
Garbage rock – crack
Garr – large joint of marijuana
Gash – marijuana
Gasper/gasper stick – marijuana cigarette
Gato – heroin
Gauge butt – marijuana
GBH – gammahydroxybutyrate
GBL – Gamma Butyrolactone, used in making GBH
Gear – drugs
Gee – opium
Geek – crack and marijuana
Geek joints – cigarettes or cigars filled with tobacco and crack
Geeker – crack user
Geep – methamphetamine
Geeze – an injection of narcotics; to inhale cocaine
Geezer – to inject a drug
Geezin a bit of dee gee – injecting a drug
George/George smack – heroin
Georgia home boy – gammahydroxybutyrate
Geronimo – alcohol and barbiturate mix
Get a gage up – to smoke marijuana
Get a gift – obtain drugs
Get down – to inject a drug
Get high – to smoke marijuana
Get lifted – under the influence of drugs
Get off – to inject a drug; to get ‘high’
Get off houses – private places heroin users can purchase and use heroin for a fee
Get the wind – to smoke marijuana
Get through – obtain drugs
Getting roached – using Rohypnol
Ghana – marijuana
GHB – gammahydroxybutyrate
Ghost – LSD
Ghost-busting – smoking cocaine; searching for white particles in the belief that they are crack
Gick monster – crack smoker
Gift-of-the-sun – cocaine
Giggle smoke – marijuana
Giggle weed – marijuana
Gimmick – drug injection equipment
Gimmie – crack and marijuana
Gin – cocaine
Girl – cocaine; crack; heroin
Girlfriend – cocaine
Giro houses – financial institutions frequently usedby drug traffickers to launder drug proceeds
Give wings – inject someone or teach someone to inject heroin
Glacines – heroin
Glad stuff – cocaine
Glading – using inhalant
Glass – hypodermic needle; amphetamine; methamphetamine
Glass gun – hypodermic needle
Glo – crack
Gluey – person who sniffs glue
Go – amphetamines; methylamphetamine
Go into a sewer – to inject a drug
Go loco – to smoke marijuana
Go on a sleigh ride – to inhale cocaine
Go-fast – methcathinone
Goblet of jam – marijuana
God’s drug – morphine
God’s flesh – psilocybin/psilocin
God’s medicine – opium
Godfather – cigar filled with marijuana; marijuana joint laced with cocaine
Going 90 mph – the peak of a trip
Going to shoot a game of pool – going to buy an eightball of crack
Going to the dentist – nitrous oxide
Gold – marijuana; crack
Gold dust – cocaine
Gold star – marijuana; cocaine
Golden – marijuana
Golden Dragon – LSD
Golden girl – heroin
Golden leaf – high quality marijuana
Golfballs – crack; LSD; barbiturates
Golpe – heroin
Goma – opium; black tar heroin
Gondola – opium
Gong – marijuana; opium
Gong ringer – a fat joint
Gonj – marijuana
Goob – methcathinone
Good – PCP
Good and plenty – heroin
Good butt – marijuana cigarette
Good giggles – marijuana
Good go – proper amount of drugs for the money paid
Good H – heroin
Good lick – good drugs
Good stuff – a high potency drug, especially marijuana
Goodfellas – fentanyl
Goody-goody – marijuana
Goof butt – marijuana cigarette
Goofball – cocaine and heroin; amphetamines; downers
Goofers – downers
Goofy’s – LSD
Goon/ Goon dust – PCP
Goop – Gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Gopher – a person paid to pickup drugs
Goric – opium
Gorilla biscuits – PCP
Gorilla pills – barbiturates
Gorilla tab – PCP
Got it going on – fast sale of drugs
Gouch/ gouching – a period of incapacitation as a result of the immediate effects of heroin injection
Graduate – to completely stop using drugs; to progress to stronger drugs
Gram – hashish
Grandpa – an old pipe used for smoking marijuana
Granulated orange – methamphetamine
Grape parfait – LSD
Grass/ Grasshopper – marijuana
Grass brownies – marijuana
Grata – marijuana
Gravel – crack
Gravy – to inject a drug; heroin
Grease – currency
Great bear – fentanyl
Great tobacco – opium
Green – inferior quality marijuana; PCP; ketamine
Green buds – marijuana
Green button – fresh button of peyote
Green cigarette – joint of marijuana
Green double domes – LSD
Green dragons – barbiturates
Green frog – barbiturates
Green goddess – marijuana
Green gold – cocaine
Green goods – paper currency
Green leaves – PCP
Green single domes – LSD
Green tea – PCP
Green wedge – LSD
Greenies – amphetamine; ethchlovynol
Greens/green stuff – paper currency
Greeter – marijuana
Gremmies – a combination of cocaine and cannabis
Greta – marijuana
Grey biscuits – ecstasy
Grey shields – LSD
Griefo/ Griefs – marijuana
Grievous bodily harm – GHB
Griff/ Griffa/ Griffo – marijuana
Grit – crack
Groceries – crack
Grogged – really stoned or burnt out on marijuana
Groove/ Grooving – having a good time on drugs
Ground control – a babysitter or guide during a hallucinogenic experience
Gum – opium
Gun – to inject a drug; needle
Gunga/ Gunja – herbal marijuana
Gungeon/ Gungun – marijuana
Gunther – neighborhood pot dealer
Gutter – vein into which a drug is injected
Gutter junkie – addict who relies on others to obtain drugs
Gyve – marijuana cigarette

H H & C – heroin and cocaine
H-bomb – ecstasy mixed with heroin
H – heroin
H caps – heroin; a heroin habit
Habit – a drug addiction
Hache – heroin
Hail – crack
Haircut – marijuana
Hairy – heroin
Half – 1/2 ounce
Half a football field – 50 rocks of crack
Half G – $500
Half-load – 15 bags (decks) of heroin
Half-moon – peyote
Half piece – 1/2 ounce of heroin or cocaine
Half track – crack
Half-a-C – $50 bill
Halloo watch – amphetamine
Hamburger helper – crack
Hamburgers – ecstasy
Hand-to-hand – direct delivery and payment
Hand-to-hand man – transient dealers who carry small amounts of drugs
Handball – crack
Hang up – to withdraw from drugs
Hanging – To be in need of drugs
Hanhich – marijuana
Hanyak – smokable methamphetamine; smokable speed
Happy cigarette – marijuana cigarette
Happy dust – cocaine
Happy powder – cocaine
Happy sticks – PCP
Happy trails – cocaine
Hard – crack
Hard ball – crack
Hard candy – heroin
Hard line – crack
Hard on – nitrite inhalant
Hard rock – crack
Hard stuff – opium; heroin; morphine
Hardcore – heavy drug user
Hardware – isobutyl nitrite; inhalants
Harm Reducer – marijuana
Harry – heroin
Harsh – marijuana
Has – marijuana
Hash/ Hashish – cannabis resin
Hash oil – alcoholic extract of cannabis resin
Hats – LSD
Haven dust – cocaine
Hawaii’s finest – methamphetamine
Hawaiian – very high potency marijuana
Hawaiian black – marijuana
Hawaiian sunshine – LSD
Hawk – LSD
Hay – marijuana
Hay butt – marijuana cigarette
Haze – LSD
Hazel – heroin
He-man – fentanyl
Head – someone using or addicted to drugs
Head drugs – amphetamine
Headlights – LSD
Heart stoppers – very potent crack
Heart-on – inhalant
Hearts – amphetamine
Heat – police
Heaven – cocaine; heroin
Heaven and Hell – PCP
Heaven dust – heroin; cocaine
Heavenly blue – LSD; a strain of Morning Glory flower
Heeled – having plenty of money; possession of drugs or a weapon
Helen – heroin
Hell – crack
Hell dust – heroin
Hemp – marijuana
Henpicking – searching on hands and knees for crack
Henry – commonly used reference for 1/8 of an ounce; heroin
Henry VIII – cocaine
Her – cocaine
Hera – heroin
Herb/ Herba – marijuana
Herb and Al – marijuana and alcohol
Herms – PCP
Hero – heroin
Hero of the underworld – heroin
Heroina – heroin
Herone – heroin
Hessle – heroin
High – the effect drug users feel when using drugs
Highball – inhalants
Highbeams – the wide eyes of a person on crack
Hightech – alkyl nitrites
Hikori/ Hikuli – peyote
Him – heroin
Hinkley – PCP
Hippie crack – inhalant
Hippieflip – mushrooms and MDMA
Hironpon/ Hiropon – smokable methamphetamine
Hit – crack; marijuana cigarette; to smoke drugs; to buy drugs; an injection
Hit the hay – to smoke marijuana
Hit the house – house where users go to shoot up and leave
Hit the main line – to inject a drug
Hit the needle – to inject a drug
Hit the pit – to inject a drug
Hitch up the reindeers – to inhale cocaine
Hits – LSD
Hitter – little pipe designed for only one hit
Hitting up – injecting drugs
HO – 1/2 an ounce of marijuana
Hocus – opium; marijuana
Hog – PCP
Holding – possessing drugs
Holli – a joint stuck in a pipe and then smoked
Hombre – heroin
Hombrecitos – psilocybin
Homebake – heroin
Homegrown – marijuana
Honey – currency
Honey blunts – Marijuana cigars sealed with honey
Honey oil – ketamine; inhalants, cannabis oil
Honeymoon – early stages of drug use before addiction or dependency develops
Hong-yen – heroin in pill form
Hooch – marijuana
Hoochie-Mamma – a two paper joint
Hood – heroin, usually in $10 capsules
Hooded – to use heroin without shooting it up; to snort it
Hooked – addicted
Hooter – cocaine; marijuana
Hop/ hops – opium
Hope – cannabis
Hophead – a drug addict
Hopped up – under the influence of drugs
Horn – to inhale cocaine; crack pipe
Horning – heroin; to inhale cocaine
Horse – heroin
Horse heads – amphetamine
Horse tracks – PCP
Horse tranquilizer – PCP
Horsebite – heroin
Hot box – to fill up a closed area with second-hand marijuana smoke
Hot cakes – crack
Hot dope – heroin
Hot heroin – poisoned to give to a police informant
Hot ice – smokable methamphetamine
Hot load/ hot shot – lethal injection of an opiate
Hot rolling – liquefying methamphetamine in an eye
Hot stick – marijuana cigarette
Hotcakes – crack
House fee – money paid to enter a crackhouse
House piece – crack given to the owner of a crackhouse
How do you like me now? – crack
Hows – morphine
HRN – heroin
Hubba – crack
Hubba pigeon – crack user looking for rocks on a floor
Hubba, I am back – crack
Huff – inhalants
Huffer – inhalant abuser
Hug-drug – ecstasy
Hulling – using others to get drugs
Hunter – cocaine
Hurry up – cocaine
Hustle – attempt to obtain drug customers
Hyatari – peyote
Hydro – amphetamine; marijuana
Hydroponic – hydroponically grown marijuana
Hype – heroin addict; an addict
Hype stick – hypodermic needle
Hyperjacks – ampoules


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