Western Drug Slang – E-F

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Welcome to the third part (E-F) of our ongoing A-Z list of Western drugs slang, past and present.

Drug Slang

E-Bombs – MDMA
E-tard – person under the influence of MDMA
Earth – marijuana spliff
Easing powder – opium
Eastside player – crack
Easy lay – Gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Easy score – obtaining drugs easily
Eat – to take acid or mushrooms
Eater – someone who eats marijuana
Eating – taking a drug orally
Ebenieghber – hash
Ecstasy – MDMA
Edward – ecstasy
Egg – crack; temazepam capsules
Egyptian – MDMA
Eight-ball – 1/8 ounce of drugs; crack mixed with heroin
Eighth – eighth of an ounce; heroin
Ekies – ecstasy
El Cid – LSD
El diablito – marijuana, cocaine, heroin and PCP
El diablo – marijuana, cocaine and heroin
El Gato Diablo – crystal methamphetamine
Elaine – ecstasy
Electric Kool Aid – LSD
Elephant – heroin: marijuana; PCP
Elephant-flipping – MDMA; PCP
Elephant tranquiliser – PCP
Elle Momo – marijuana laced with PCP
Ellis Day – LSD
Elvis – LSD
Embalming fluid – PCP
Emergency gun – instrument used to inject other than syringe
Emsel – morphine
Endo – marijuana
Energiser – PCP
Enoltestovis – injectable steroid
Ephedrone – methcathinone
Equipose – veterinary steroid
Erth – PCP
Esra – marijuana
Essence – MDMA
Estuffa – heroin
ET – alpha-ethyltyptamine
Euphoria – MDMA, mescaline and crystal meth
Eve – MDEA
Everclear – cocaine; Gammahydroxybutyrate (GHB)
Explorer’s club – a group of LSD users
Eye-opener – crack; amphetamine
Eyeball poppers – crack

F F**ked up – to be high on drugs
F-40S – barbiturates
Fachiva – heroin
Factory – place where drugs are packaged, diluted, or manufactured; injection equipment
Fake STP – PCP
Fall – to be arrested
Famous dimes – crack
Fantasia – DMT; ecstasy; mescaline
Farmer’s – farmer’s daughter – quarter (1/4)
Fast – amphetamine
Fastin – amphetamine
Fat bags – crack
Fat pappy – fat joint or blunt
Fatty – marijuana cigarette
Feed bag – container for marijuana
Feeling beautiful baby – really high and happy
Feely feely room – room for sensual contact while high
Felix the Cat – LSD
Ferry dust – heroin
Festi – raver’s term for festivals
Fi-do-nie – opium
Fields – LSD
Fiend – someone who smokes marijuana alone
Fifteen cents – $15 worth of drugs
Fifty-one – crack
Finajet/ finaject – veterinary steroid
Fine stuff – marijuana
Finger – marijuana cigarette
Finger lid – marijuana
Fingers – cannabis resin
Fink – informant
Fir – marijuana
Fire – to inject a drug; crack and methamphetamine
Fire it up – to smoke marijuana
First line – morphine
Fish scales – crack
Five C note – $500 bill
Five cent bag – $5 worth of drugs
Five dollar bag – $50 worth of drugs
Fives – amphetamine
Fix – to inject a drug
Fixed – under the influence of a drug
Fixing – injecting drugs
Fizzies – methadone
Flag – appearance of blood in the vein
Flake – cocaine
Flake out – lose consciousness
Flakes – PCP
Flame cooking – smoking cocaine base by putting the pipe over a stove flame
Flamethrowers – cigarette laced with cocaine and heroin
Flash – LSD; the rush of cocaine injection
Flashbacks – hallucinations which occur sometime late after regular use of hallucinogenic drugs
Flashers – LSD that is very hallucinogenic
Flat blues – LSD
Flat chunks – crack cut with benzocaine
Flatliners – ecstasy
Flea powder – low purity heroin; poor quality drugs
Flex – fake crack
Floating – under influence of drugs
Florida snow – cocaine
Flower – marijuana
Flower tops – marijuana
Fly agaric – Common term for the Amanita muscaria mushroom
Fly Mexican airlines – to smoke marijuana
Flying – under the influence of drugs
Flying saucers – morning glory seeds
Foil – heroin
Fold up – to withdraw from drugs
Following that cloud – searching for drugs
Foo-foo – heroin; cocaine
Foolish powder – heroin; cocaine
Footballs – amphetamine
Forget me/ forget pill – Rohypnol
Forwards – amphetamine
Four ways – cannabis or LSD
Fraho/ frajo – marijuana
Freaking out – to have a ‘bad trip’
Freebase – smoking cocaine; crack
Freeze – cocaine; renege on a drug deal
French blue – amphetamine; amphetamine and cocaine
French fries – crack
Fresh – PCP
Friend – fentanyl
Fries – crack
Frios – marijuana laced with PCP
Frisco special/ Frisco speedball – cocaine, heroin and LSD
Friskie powder – cocaine
Front – to pay money in advance for drugs
Fry/ fry-sticks – crack or marijuana laced with embalming fluid – sometimes also laced with PCP
Fry daddy – crack and marijuana; cigarette laced with crack
Fu – marijuana
Fucked up – high on drugs
Fuel – marijuana mixed with insecticides; PCP
Fuete – hypodermic needle
Fuma D’Angola – marijuana Portugese term
Furra – heroin
Future – crystal
Fuzz – police

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