Western Drug Slang – A-B

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Drug Slang A-B

Drug Slang – A-B

…and so it begins! The first part of our mammoth series listing drug slang from Western drug cultures past and present.

A A – LSD; Amphetamine
A Bean – A pill, usually of MDMA or similar.
A1 – Amphetamine
A2 – Benyzlpiperazine
Abbey habit – Amphetamine addiction
Abbots – Barbiturates
Abe – $5 worth of drugs
Abe’s cabe – $5 bill
Abolic – A veterinary steroid
A-Bomb – Marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium
A-Boot – Under the influence of drugs
Abort – A term for an immature mushroom body, common in home ‘cake’ cultivation of psilocybin-containing mushrooms
Aborts – Absolut vodka and port, mixed
AC/DC – codeine cough syrup
Acapulco Gold – Cannabis (from Southwest Mexico)
Acapulco Red – Cannabis (from Southwest Mexico)
Ace – Cannabis; PCP; 4-Acetoxy-DiPT
Acid – LSD
Acid cube – sugar cube containing LSD
Acid freak – heavy user of LSD
Acid head – LSD user
Acid House – broad range of music associated with raves
Acido – LSD (Spanish)
Ad – Someone who is addicted to drugs
Adam – MDMA
Afghan / Afghan Black – A type of cannabis resin
African Bush – Cannabis
African Woodbine – Cannabis cigarette
Agonies – withdrawal symptoms
Ah-pen-yen – Opium
Aimies – amphetamine; amyl nitrite
AIP – Heroin (from Afghanistan, Iran, & Pakistan)
Air Blast – Inhalants
Airhead – marijuana user
Airplane – marijuana
Al Capone – heroin
Alamout Black Hash – Hashish mixed with a small amount of Belladonna
Aliamba – PCP
Alice – LSD; Psilocybin mushrooms
Alice B. Toklas – Marijuana-laced chocolate brownies
Alien Sex Fiend – strong powdered PCP with Heroin
All lit up – under the influence of drugs
All-American Drug – Cocaine
Alley Juice – cheap wine
All-star – user of multiple drugs
Alpha-ET – alpha-ethyltyptamine
Alpha-ethyl – AET (alpha-ethyl-typtamine)
Alpha-methyl – AMT (alpha-methyl-tryptamine)
Ames / Amys – Amyl Nitrite
Amidone – Methadone
Amoeba / Amoebae – PCP
Amp – Amphetamine; PCP; Cannabis dipped in PCP or formaldehyde and smoked; an ampoule
Amp head – LSD user
Amp joint – marijuana cigarette laced with some form of narcotic
Amped – high on amphetamines
Amped and queer – to be high on coke or crystal
Amped-out – fatigue after using amphetamines
Amph / Amphet – amphetamine
Amping – accelerated heartbeat
AMT – alpha-methyl-tryptamine
Anadrol – oral steroid
Analgesics – painkillers
Anatrofin – injectable steroid
Anavar – oral steroid
Angel / Angel dust / Angel hair / Angel Mist / Angel Poke – PCP
Angel Tears – liquid LSD
Angels – Amytal
Angels in a sky – LSD
Angie – Cocaine
Angola – marijuana
Animal – LSD
Animal Tranq / Animal Tranquiliser – PCP; Ketamine
Antifreeze – Heroin
Anything going on? – do you have drugs to sell?
Apache – fentanyl
Apple – non-addict
Apple jacks – crack
Aries – Heroin
Army – Nitrites
Aroma / Aroma of men – isobutyl nitrite
Around the turn – having gone through withdrawal period
Artillery – equipment for injecting drugs
Ashes – marijuana
Assassin of youth – marijuana
Astroturf – marijuana
Ate up – someone that’s always wasted
Atom bomb – marijuana and heroin
Atshitshi – marijuana
Aunt Hazel – heroin
Aunt Mary – marijuana
Aunt Nora – Cocaine
Aunti / Aunti Emma – Opium
Aurora Borealis – PCP
Author – a doctor who writes illegal prescriptions

B B – amount of cannabis to fill a bowl or a matchbox.
B.J. – to smoke a cannabis reefer
B.J.’s – crack
B-40 – cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor
Babe – drug used for detoxification
Baby / Baby bhang – marijuana
Baby habit – occasional use of drugs
Baby slits – MDMA
Baby T – Crack
Babysit – to guide someone through a drug experience
Back breakers – LSD that caused a backache (sometimes mistakenly attributed to strychnine)
Back dex – amphetamine
Back door – residue left in a pipe
Back jack – injecting Opium
Back to back – smoking Crack after injecting Heroin, or vice versa
Backtrack – allowing blood to flow back into the needle during injection
Backup – to prepare a vein for injection
Backwards – depressant; to relapse
Bad – crack
Bad bundle – inferior-quality heroin
Bad crack – cocaine
Bad go – bad reaction to a drug
Bad rock – crack
Bad seed – Peyote; Heroin; Cannabis
Bad trip – bad acid trip; horrible, frightening hallucinations
Bag – container for drugs
Bag bride – Crack-smoking prostitute
Bag man – person who transports money or drugs
Bag of Billy – amphetamine
Bagboy – someone who sales drugs for someone else
Bagging – a method of sniffing glue and other inhalants
Baked – to be high or stoned
Bale – Cannabis
Ball – Crack; Mexican Black Tar Heroin
Baller – one who sells a variety of drugs
Balling – vaginally implanted cocaine
Balloon – heroin supplier
Balloons – Methadone
Ballot – Heroin
Bam – any depressant; Amphetamine
Bamba / Bambalacha – marijuana
Bambita – desoxyn or amphetamine derivative
Bambs – meprobamate; any depressant
Bammer / Bammies – Cannabis (low potency)
Bananas – temazepam capsules
Banano – marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine
Bane – (Danish language) line of cocaine
Bang – to inject a drug; Inhalant
Banger – hypodermic needle
Bangin’ it in – injecting Heroin
Banging – under the influence of drugs
Bank bandit pills – any depressant
Bar – marijuana
Barb – Barbiturates; also depressants
Barb Freak – intravenous Barbiturate user
Barbara Jean – Cannabis
Barbies – Barbiturates; any depressant
Barbs – Barbiturates; Cocaine
Bargain basement – amphetamine
Barr – codeine cough syrup
Barrels – LSD
Bart Simpson – Heroin; LSD blotter type
Base – cocaine; crack; coca paste, to freebase Cocaine; amphetamines
Base crazies – searching on hands and knees for crack
Base head – person who bases
Baseball – Freebase Cocaine; Crack
Bash – a bulking agent – usually paracetamol with heroin; marijuana
Basing – Crack
Basuco – Cocaine; Coca paste residue sprinkled on joint or cigarette (Spanish)
Bat – single hit Cannabis pipe similar in appearance to a cigarette
Bathtub crank – poor quality methamphetamine
Bathtub speed – methcathinone
Batmans – MDMA pills
Batt – hypodermic needle
Battery acid – LSD
Batu – smokable methamphetamine
Bazooka – cocaine; crack; crack and tobacco combined in a joint
Bazulco – cocaine
B-bombs – Amphetamine; also refers to MDMA
BC Bud – Cannabis (high quality from British Columbia)
Beam – Cocaine
Beam me up Scottie – cocaine & PCP mix
Beamer – crack user
Beamers – Crack
Beaners – Drug users
Beans – MDMA pills, amphetamine; depressants; crack, mescaline
Beast – LSD; Heroin
Beat – Adjective for an empty/drained/cached Cannabis pipe; Crack; to swindle someone out of drugs or money
Beat artist – person selling bogus drugs
Beat vials – vials containing sham crack to cheat buyers
Beautiful – 2C-T-7
Beautiful boulders – crack
Beavis & Butthead – LSD blotter type
Bebe – crack
Bedbugs – fellow addicts
Bee – bong hit
Beedies – cigarettes from India which resemble marijuana joints
Bees – 2C-B
Behind the scale – to weigh and sell cocaine
Beiging – cutting Cocaine with other chemicals to make it appear of higher purity
Belladonna – belladonna; PCP
Bells – LSD
Belt – effects of drugs
Belted – under the influence of drugs
Belushi – cocaine and heroin
Belyando spruce – marijuana
Bender – multi-day, multi-drug party or experience
Bennie / Bennies – Benzedrine; Amphetamine
Bens / Benz – Benzedrine; Amphetamine; MDMA
Bent – Addicted
Benzedrine – Benzedrine; Amphetamine
Benzene – Inhalants
Benzo – Any Benzodiazepine such as Diazepam (Valium), Alprazolam (Xanax), Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol), or Lorazepam (Ativan).
Berick – amphetamine
Berni / Bernice / Bernie / Bernie’s flakes / Bernie’s gold dust – Cocaine
Bhang – Cannabis; Hashish (Indian)
Bible – 10 ‘Books’ of acid: 10×10 ‘sheets’ (10,000 total dosage units) of LSD, also possibly just 1 book (1,000 hits) [uncommon] Big 8 – 1/8 kilogram of crack
Big bag – heroin
Big bloke – cocaine
Big brown ones – ecstasy
Big C – cocaine
Big Chief – Peyote; Mescaline
Big D – LSD
Big flake – cocaine
Big H / Big Harry – heroin
Big John – the police
Big man – drug supplier
Big O – opium
Big rush – cocaine
Biggy – Cannabis
Biker’s coffee – methamphetamine and coffee
Bill – $100
Bill Blass – crack
Billie hoke – cocaine
Billy / Billy Whizz – Amphetamine
Bindle – Heroin; small packet of powder
Bing – enough of a drug for one injection
Binger – bong hit
Bingers – Crack addict
Bingo – to inject a drug
Bings – crack
Binky – Cannabis cigarette; pacifier used to relieve jaw tension with MDMA
Biphetamine – amphetamine
Bird – One kilogram of Cocaine
Bird head – LSD
Birdie powder – heroin; cocaine
Birds – Amytal (Barbiturate)
Biscuit – 50 rocks of crack
Biscuits – Crack; MDMA
Bite one’s lips – to smoke marijuana
Biz – bag or portion of drugs; Equipment for injecting a drug
Black – opium; marijuana
Black acid – LSD; LSD and PCP in combination
Black and white – amphetamine; MDMA
Black Bart – Cannabis
Black Beauties – Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg.
Black Birds – Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg.
Black Bombers – Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg.
Black button – dried button of peyote
Black Cadillacs – amphetamine
Black dust – PCP
Black ganga – marijuana resin
Black Gold – Cannabis (high potency)
Black Gungi – Cannabis (from India)
Black Gunion – Cannabis
Black hash – opium and hashish; darker coloured cannabis resins
Black hole – the depressant high associated with Ketamine
Black Maria – highly potent marijuana
Black Mo / Black Moat – Cannabis (high potency)
Black Mollies – Biphetamine (Amphetamine/Dexamphetamine combo) which came in a black capsule containing 20 mg.
Black mote – marijuana mixed with honey
Black pearl – heroin
Black pill – opium pill
Black Powder – powdered black Hashish
Black rock – crack; cannabis and crack
Black Russian – Hashish; hashish mixed with opium
Black star – LSD
Black Stuff – Heroin; Opium
Black sunshine – LSD
Black tabs – LSD
Black tar – heroin
Black whack – PCP
Blackbird – LSD blotter type
Blacks – amphetamine
Blades – heating a drug (Cannabis, Heroin, Opium, etc.) on a hot knife blade and then inhaling the smoke
Blah – marijuana
Blanca / Blanco – Heroin; Cocaine (Spanish)
Blank – container of non-narcotic powder sold as heroin
Blanket – Cannabis cigarette
Blanks – low-quality drugs
Blast – Cocaine (injected); to smoke Cannabis; to smoke Crack
Blast a joint / Blast a roach / Blast a stick – to smoke marijuana
Blast Off / Blasting Off – DMT (smoked or injected)
Blasted – under the influence of drugs
Blaw – cannabis
Blaze – Cannabis; LSD; to smoke Cannabis
Blim – small piece of cannabis
Blind squid – ketamine; belladonna; LSD
Blitzed – under the influence of drugs
Blizzard – Cocaine; white cloud in a pipe used to smoke Cocaine
Block – Cannabis
Block busters – depressants; barbiturates
Blocked – under influence of drugs
Blockers – Barbiturates
Blonde / Blonde hash – Cannabis
Blotter – LSD impregnated in paper; cocaine
Blotter acid – LSD
Blotter cube – LSD
Blow – Cocaine; to snort Cocaine; to smoke Cannabis; heroin
Blow a fix / Blow a shot / Blow the vein – injection misses the vein and is wasted in the skin
Blow a stick – to smoke marijuana
Blow blue – to snort Cocaine
Blow coke – to snort Cocaine
Blow one’s roof – to smoke Cannabis
Blow out – to spoil an injection
Blow smoke – to snort Cocaine; to smoke Cannabis
Blow up – crack cut with lidocaine to increase size, weight, and street value
Blowcaine – crack diluted with cocaine
Blowing smoke – marijuana
Blowjob – to smoke a cannabis reefer
Blown – high on Cannabis
Blowout – crack
Blows – Heroin
Blud madman – PCP
Blue – depressant; crack; diethylpropion
Blue acid – LSD
Blue Angels – Amobarbital (Barbiturate)
Blue bag – heroin
Blue Bands – Barbiturates
Blue barrels – LSD
Blue Birds – Amobarbital (Barbiturate)
Blue boy – amphetamine
Blue Bullets – Amobarbital (Barbiturate)
Blue Caps – Mescaline; Psilocybin Mushrooms
Blue chairs / Blue Cheers – LSD
Blue Clouds – Amytal capsules
Blue crack – cocaine, also refers to depressants
Blue de hue – marijuana from Vietnam
Blue devils – amobarbital (barbiturate)
Blue dolls – amobarbital (barbiturate)
Blue fly – LSD from New York City
Blue heaven(s) – LSD; amytal; nitrites; barbiturates
Blue hero – heroin
Blue kisses – MDMA
Blue lips – MDMA
Blue madman – PCP
Blue meth – methamphetamine
Blue microdot – LSD
Blue mist – LSD
Blue mollies – amphetamine
Blue moons – LSD
Blue mystic – European 2c-t-7 product (tablets)
Blue racers – barbiturates
Blue sage – marijuana
Blue sky blond – high-potency marijuana from Columbia
Blue star – LSD blotter type; PCP
Blue tips – barbiturates; depressants
Blue verve – GHB (gamma hydroxy butyrate)
Blue vials – LSD
Blue(s) – diazepam (Valium); amobarbital (barbiturate); diethylpropion; drinamyl
Blunt – a cigar, split open and filled with cannabis, or cannabis and cocaine
Blunted out – smoked many blunts of marijuana
Bo – marijuana
Boat – PCP; PCP and cannabis mix
Bob – cannabis cigarette; DOB
Bobo – crack
Bo-bo – marijuana
Bobo bush – marijuana
Body packer / Body stuffer – a person who ingests packets of cocaine, crack, or heroin to transport it
Bogart a joint – salivate on a marijuana cigarette; refuse to share
Bohd – marijuana; PCP
Bolasterone – injectable steroids
Bolivian / Bolivian marching powder – cocaine
Bollo / Bolo – crack
Bolt – isobutyl nitrite; nitrites; amphetamine
Bomb – crack; heroin (high potency); large cannabis cigarette
Bomb squad – crack-selling crew
Bombed – high on drugs
Bomber – large cannabis cigarette
Bombido / Bombita – amphetamine (Spanish); methamphetamine; heroin; cocaine and heroin mix; depressants; methylamphetamine
Bombs away – heroin
Bone – marijuana; cannabis cigarette; $50 piece of crack
Bonecrusher – crack
Bones – crack
Bong – water pipe used to smoke cannabis
Bonita – heroin (Spanish)
Boo – marijuana; methylamphetamine
Boo boo bama – marijuana
Booger – cocaine (in the Florida Keys)
Boogered up – high on cocaine (in the Florida Keys)
Book – 100 dosage units of LSD; 10 ‘sheets’ (1,000 total dosage units) of LSD [common, widespread] Boom – marijuana
Booms / Boomers – LSD; psilocin; psilocybin; psilocybin mushrooms
Boost – to inject a drug; to steal; to maintain or enhance a high by taking more of the same or a new drug; crack
Boost and shoot – steal to support a habit
Booster – to snort cocaine
Boot – to inject a drug; to steal; to maintain or enhance a high by taking more of the same or a new drug
Boot the gong – to smoke marijuana
Booted – under the influence of a drug
Booth – cocaine
Booty juice – MDMA dissolved in liquid
Booze – alcohol
Boppers – amyl nitrite; nitrites
Botray – crack
Bottles – crack vials; amphetamine
Boubou – crack
Boulder – crack; $20 worth of crack; large rock of crack
Boulya – crack
Bouncing powder – cocaine
Bowl – a small pipe used to smoke cannabis; the amount of cannabis that fits in a pipe at once; between 1/32 and 1/16 ounce of marijuana
Bowling – smoking several bowls in a row
Boxed – in prison
Boy – cocaine (injected); heroin
Bozo – heroin
Brain damage – heroin
Brain pills – amphetamine
Brain ticklers – amphetamine
Brandy – heroin
Brass – cannabis
Break night – staying up all night until day break
Breakdowns – $40 crack rock sold for $20
Breakfast of champions – crack
Breeze – methadone
Brewery – place where drugs are made
Brick – 1 kilogram of marijuana; crack
Brick gum – heroin
Bridge up / Bring up – to ready a vein for injection
Brief – warrant to arrest or search
Bring up – ready a vein for injection
Bristol brown – cannabis (low quality)
Britton – peyote
Broccoli – marijuana
Broja – heroin
Broker – go-between in a drug deal
Brome / Bromage – DXM (active ingredient for Robotussin DM) popular in clinical/powder form in some cities as a street drug.
Bromo – 2c-b; Bromo Dragonfly
Brown – heroin; marijuana
Brown bombers – LSD
Brown crystal – heroin
Brown dots – LSD
Brown rhine – heroin
Brown sugar – heroin
Brown tape – heroin
Brown weed – marijuana mixed with cocaine
Brownies – amphetamine; cannabis cooked into brownies; MDMA
Browns – amphetamine
B-ster – Low quality cannabis
Bubble gum – cocaine (paste); crack
Buck – shoot someone in the head
Bud – marijuana
Buda – cannabis cigarette filled with crack
Buda grass – a high-grade cannabis joint
Buddha – cannabis; potent marijuana spiked with opium
Buddha grass – cannabis
Buds – cannabis; alkyl nitrite
Buff – money
Buffer – crack smoker or a woman who exchanges sex for crack
Buger sugar – powdered cocaine
Bugged – annoyed; to be covered with sores and abscesses from repeated use of unsterile needles
Bugger – Mexican black tar heroin
Bulb – nitrous oxide (based on the cartridges nitrous comes in for use in whipped cream dispensers)
Bull – narcotics agent or police officer
Bullet – capsule; isobutyl nitrite or inhalants
Bullet bolt – inhalants
Bullia capital – crack
Bullion – crack
Bullyon – cannabis
Bumblebees – amphetamine
Bummer – unsettling experience from LSD
Bummer trip – unsettling or bad experience from a drug (psychedelic)
Bump – crack; fake crack; boost a high; hit of ketamine; small dose of methamphetamine
Bun – quantity of hashish (1 kg or 1/2 kg)
Bundle – heroin
Bunk – fake drugs
Burdock – methadone
Burese – cocaine
Burgers – MDMA pills
Burn – cheat someone out of drugs or drug money
Burn one – to smoke marijuana
Burn the main line – to inject a drug
Burned – to purchase fake drugs
Burned out – collapse of veins from repeated injections; permanent impairment from drug abuse
Burnese – cocaine
Burnie – cannabis
Burning logs – smoking a joint
Burnout – heavy abuser of drugs
Burnt – smoked to much weed
Bush – cannabis; cocaine, PCP
Business – injecting equipment
Businessman’s LSD / Businessman’s special / Businessman’s trip – DMT
Bust – police raid or arrest
Busted – to be arrested
Busters – depressant
Busy bee – PCP; PCP and cannabis mix
Butler crack – cocaine
Butt – cannabis (low quality)
Butt naked – PCP; PCP and cannabis mix
Butter – marijuana; crack
Butter flower – marijuana
Butterfly – 2c-i (unique to northern California)
Buttons – peyote; psilocybin mushroom caps
Butu – heroin; crack
Buy – purchase of drugs by an undercover police officer
Buzz – effect induced by taking drugs
Buzz bomb – methadone; nitrous oxide
BZ – 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate
BZP – benzodiazepine; benzylpiperazine, Mexican

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