Predictable Squat Law Reaction – UK establishment prevails shock

UK squatting lawsWith sad and slimy predictability the British government’s recent rushed amendment/abolishment of the laws governing the squatting of residential properties is now being proposed to expand to cover commercial properties too, thereby totally eradicating this ancient last resort for those finding themselves without affordable housing.

Eager MPs have been jumping on the bandwagon – inevitably led by the initiator of the recent amendments and also the new proposals, utter lying bastard MP for Hove, Mike Weatherley – and the press has been quick to seize on the (logical) increase in commercial squatting resulting from the recent bill too, spouting “facts” and figures all over the shop. If squatters of residential buildings are turned into homeless criminals, of course they are going to turn their attentions to the as yet still legal squatting of commercial ones. Guess what? If squatting becomes totally illegal, a correspondingly massive increase in homelessness will follow. Yet another.

So, why remove our last resort? Surely this isn’t just the chance they’ve been waiting for to eradicate yet another of our basic human rights? Arguably brought even more on top by the New Oxford Street Halloween squat party in 2011 (anyone see ‘Inside Out London’?), the powers that be and the media have been busily colluding to do us out of even more of what passes for our freedom in these interesting times, grabbing back a semblance of control over their assets.
How low can they go?

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