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Music Day UK is the British incarnation of Fête de la Musique (started in France in 1982), a set of free events taking place on the 21st June yearly. Over 120 countries and 700 cities take part globally, with people from all walks of life holding free and accessible concerts and other music-based events on the midsummer solstice.

Other countries needed little convincing to spill out on to the streets in musical celebration. However, there wasn’t a concerted UK effort until 2013, when a small group of London-based artists and musicians took the initiative. As of writing, the Music Day UK steering committee has expanded to include volunteers of all backgrounds, pooling their resources to encourage the spread of free music in venues, parks, schools, streets, and elsewhere.

In 2016 the solstice falls on Tuesday 21st June, with the shift away from the weekend meaning the focus will naturally be on smaller street gigs, schools, amateur music groups and independent venues. Anyone and everyone is welcome to take part, whether as performer, event organiser, technical support, stewards, or spectator. Spread the word – with your help Music Day can become part of the national calendar!

Visit the Music Day UK website for more information.