Distant Planet Top Ten Rave Tunes

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Distant Planet Top Ten Old-school Rave Tunes

To accompany our recent interview with Louise Plus One and Hughesee from London’s Distant Planet events crew, we asked them to put together a Distant Planet Top Ten featuring some of their favourite rave tunes…


Distant Planet Top Ten Classic Rave Tunes

Aurora – ‘Firin’ to the Core’ (Homegrown Records • 1993)

“This is one of my favourite examples of a 93 Jungle Techno banger! ‘Firin to the Core’ is exactly what it does, perfect for Distant Planet parties.”



DJ Exodus & Woody – ‘A Classic Skank’ (Skeleton • 1993)

“Cheeky ‘Moonlight Sonata’-sampling breakbeat madness! Skeleton absolutely nailed it with this fast-paced banger.”



Industrial – ‘Renegade (Remix)’ (Kinetix • 1992)

“Classic ’92 rolling breaks that always gets the Distant Planet crowd rocking.”




Intense - 'The Drowzee Remixes' (ULR Recordings)Intense – ‘White Doctor Groove (Bush Mix)’ (ULR Recordings • 1993)

“Will most likely get dropped by one of our DJ’s at a Distant Planet party. We don’t do anthems but this is one of our signature tunes.”



Jerome Hill – ‘Paper Bag Acid’ (Super Rhythm Trax • 2014)

“This is the second release on Distant Planet Resident Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax label. It goes well with acid house sets. Absolute quality.”



DJ Krome & Mr Time - 'Virtual Reality' (Suburban Base, 1993)DJ Krome & Mr Time – ‘Virtual Reality’ (Suburban Base • 1993)

“A classic Krome & Time cut! Two top guys – Bernard and Terry have been fully supportive of Distant Planet. This is a classic slab of ’93 darkcore.”



Lhasa - 'The Attic' (Music Man Records, 1990)Lhasa – ‘The Attic’ (Music Man Records • 1990)

“We love ’91 Belgian Techno and this is a great example of the genre.”




Persons Unknown - 'Time To Get Raw (Part 3)' (Candidate, 1993)Persons Unknown – ‘Time To Get Raw (Part 3)’ (Candidate • 1993)

“Another great ’93 Jungle Techno stomper.”




Sound Corp - 'Toll' (Tone Def, 1993)Sound Corp – ‘Toll’ (Tone Def • 1993)

“Soundcorp go really deep with their sounds, very unique. This is a classic example of their work.”




V.I.M. - 'Maggie's Last Party' (Boz Records)V.I.M. – ‘Maggie’s Last Party’ (Boz Records • 1993)

“Maggie Thatcher sample overload … Rising High’s Casper Pound (R.I.P) had a hand in this one!”




 This post accompanies our recent Distant Planet interview.

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