Angry Brigade – ‘First Communique’

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First Communique


We expect the news of the machine-gunning of the Spanish Embassy in London on Thursday night to be suppressed by the bourgeois Press… It’s the third time over the last month that the system has dropped the mask of the so-called ‘freedom of information’ and tried to hide the fact of its vulnerability.

‘They’ know the truth behind the BBC the day before the Miss World farce; ‘they’ know the truth behind the destruction of property of High Court judges; ‘they’ know the truth behind the four Barclays Banks which were either burned or badly destroyed; ‘they’ also know that active opposition to their system is spreading.

The Angry Brigade doesn’t claim responsibility for everything. We can make ourselves heard in one way or another. We machine-gunned the Spanish Embassy last night in solidarity with our Basque brothers and sisters. We were careful not to hit the pigs guarding the building as representatives of British capital in fascist Spain. If Britain co-operates with France over this ‘legal’ lynching by shutting the truth away, we will take more careful aim next time.


The Angry Brigade

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